Thousands descend on beach for Danny Boyle Beatles Film

Gorleston is the centre of the film world this afternoon as Danny Boyle started to enlist the help of 5,000 people on its beach for his latest film.

The Oscar-winning director is shooting a concert scene for the Beatles-based film, which involves 5,000 people playing extras on the beach by the Pier Hotel.

Ahead of the filming of the concert scene Mr Boyle appeared before the large crowd from the roof of the Pier Hotel.

He told the extras: “Remember where you are, you will definitely be in the film!”

Rehearsals have started with people told to cheer when the stars appear, but also to preserve their voices for the actual shooting.

The film imagines a world in which The Beatles did not exist.

Today’s scene is designed to pay homage to the Liverpudlian band’s famous gig on the rooftop of Apple Corporation in Savile Row, London.

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One thought on “Thousands descend on beach for Danny Boyle Beatles Film”

  1. The film imagines a world in which the Beatles do not exist yet the scene calls for a rooftop concert by the Beatles? Or a band will play to be them on a rooftop or a video of the Beatles concert on the rooftop will be shown or… just “Imagine” a band….
    But I don’t care what they say I couldn’t live in a world without the Beatles. Oh yeah!

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