The End of Beatleweek in Liverpool?

The big shock news from Liverpool is that this year’s ‘International Beatleweek’ will be the last in its current form, and will be scaled back in future years!

I’ve been hearing rumours about this for a while, but the news still comes at quite a shock. I’ve been going to the Liverpool Beatles Conventions since 1981! It’s nearly always been over the August Bank Holiday weeked and has been the first thing in my diary every year.

What happens in futures years has yet to be decided – but this years will be the last of its kind. So book now while you can!

Here is what Cavern City Tours have said about Beatleweek on their website:

Last International Beatleweek 2017 as we know it!

What is happening to International Beatleweek?

This will be the last International Beatleweek Festival as we know it. In future years it will be scaled down.

What changes will you be making to the festival?

You can rest assured there will still be lots of live music from bands around the world. This will now mainly take place at the Cavern Club and the Cavern Pub. Unfortunately we don’t know yet what other changes we will be making.

Will you still have a convention day and late night parties at the Adelphi Hotel?

Unfortunately this is yet to be decided. As soon as we have more information on this and a decision has been made we will be sure to pass this on to you.

When can we expect more information?

Discussions are currently taking place with the council and various other organisations about what we can do with the festival. Decisions regarding accommodation packages, late-night parties, theatre shows, the convention and outdoor events have not been made yet. As soon as we have a plan together for future years we will pass it along to you.

2 thoughts on “The End of Beatleweek in Liverpool?”

  1. The Convention is the cornerstone of the whole week, or weekend as it used to be. If they scrap that they might as well not bother.
    Live music will continue but mainly at the Cavern Pub and Club – what like every other day of the year ? Big deal.
    Interesting that there have been rumours about this for a while, what’s the reason according to the rumours ?
    Scale it back by all means, go back to Friday night through to Monday night, bring back the two day convention, take some ideas from the Beatlefests and run it more like them.

  2. The Liverpool Echo have run this story and their account is that the numbers have been falling in recent years as the beat generation grows older and stops visiting. The also mentioned the deaths of a number of the old stalwarts – three in recent months – and when you think about it both these things must be true. It has been reported that a lot of Liverpool jobs rely on the Beatles’ tourism so I don’t think this is a case of the sort of short-term thinking that led to the loss of the Cavern club in the mid ’70s; I think that Liverpool does value music heritage, but that maybe the long term legacy will be different.

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