The Abbey Road Crossing – Has it Moved?

I’ve been asked so many times on my tours, and on here, whether it is true that the famous Abbey Road Crossing is not the one the Beatles posed on, but has been moved several metres. Some taxi driver tell their customers it is the crossing some 100 metre down Abbey Road from the Studios!

The confusion was made even worse when the crossing received ‘listed’ status from English Heritage in 2010. Their report said

“It has been suggested that the crossing was slightly moved to the south east in the 1970s, closer to the junction with Grove End Road. However, comparison between the cover photograph and its present location suggests that it may have been moved a little to the north…”

Neither is true – the crossing is in EXACTLY the same place it ever was! Photographic evidence shows this.

Here is a recent photo of the crossing, the things to note here is the square fire hydrant at the front of the third white strip from the right.

Compare with this picture of the Beatles on Abbey Road. The fire hydrant is in the same place as the recent photo.

Another clue is the manhole cover on the left of the picture, on the pavement, just above the crossing. Here is a pic taken by Linda McCartney of the Beatles on the crossing. The manhole cover is between Paul and Ringo.

For completists, although the crossing itself hasn’t moved, the positioning of the white stripes did change for a while, only to be put back in the same position later. Here is former head of Abbey Road Studios, Ken Tounsend, on the crossing, around the late 70s/early 80s. Note in this photo the fire hydrant is not on a while stripe – but still there nonetheless, as is the manhole cover.

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6 thoughts on “The Abbey Road Crossing – Has it Moved?”

  1. Hi Richard I would like to come on your Beatles walk sometime as I am a Beatles fan.
    I am from Glasgow but have lived in Portsmouth for 25 years and come to London three or four times a year and always visit Abbey Road and the building at 3 Seville Row.
    Thanks. John Wilson.

    1. Yes, even English Heritage said it might have moved, when they listed it! I have a feeling there was an April Fools joke a while ago that must have stuck. Then again, Paul is dead too :>)

    1. HI Cheryl

      Good to catch up with you again :>) I’m fine. Last saw Paul in December, when Ringo and Ronnie Wood joined him onstage. Pretty good gig that :>) Keep in touch :>)

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