Places I’ll Remember: A Guide To The Must-See Sights In The Beatles’ Liverpool

Even as recently as the 80s, visitors to Liverpool could have been forgiven for not realising they were in the birthplace of The Beatles. Things changed when, in 1984, a dedicated museum to the group – Beatle City – opened on Seel Street, in the city centre. That museum boasted the greatest collection of Beatles memorabilia ever brought together – the prize exhibit was the original Magical Mystery Tour bus, restored to its psychedelic glory, which offered tours of the former Fabs’ family homes, and various other places of interest in and around the city. But that museum was plagued by financial difficulties and so closed its doors for the last time after less than two years.

What Beatle City had demonstrated, however, was that there was an appetite for Beatles tourism – a fact not lost on the people behind the then-burgeoning Cavern City Tours enterprise, who have been behind most major Beatle-related projects in the city for 35 years. Today, some 800,000 people a year are reported to visit sites such as the historic Cavern Quarter, home to an increasing number of Beatle-themed hang-outs. The Beatles’ legacy is reported to be worth over £80 million to Liverpool’s economy, and is said to support more than 2,300 jobs.

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One thought on “Places I’ll Remember: A Guide To The Must-See Sights In The Beatles’ Liverpool”

  1. This all well done. I been to every one mentioned accept Blue Angle, It’s never been open is all the years I visited.Same for the Jacaranda. One stop left out was Brian Epstein’s birth place at 4 Rodney Street. It now has a Blue Plaque there. Also within the facility (and a very short walk) of the Philharmonic Pub, Brian’s Falkner Flat and other things mentioned. Liverpool is nothing like when I first visited it in May of 1973! It was very interesting to me then but after 7 more visits over time it’s become a gem of a city TODAY! Any Beatles Fan readying this…..Don’t mis a visit there. So much to see.

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