Paul McCartney Talks Beatles Secrets, New Album & More for iHeartRadio’s ‘Inside the Studio’

Despite of being one of the most famous rock stars in the world, McCartney insists that he lives a normal life — the only difference is that he gets recognized now. “I walk down streets. They’re for walking down. I like to get out and about and people say, ‘Oh no, you’ve got to have acres of security behind you and stuff,’ but I like to just get out, just so as you feel like yourself, instead of like a rock star. So I like to just get out like I always did when I was a kid. It keeps me sane. I’ve got quite a lot of freedom, actually, and I value it.”

Although success came early for The Beatles, McCartney is still filled with constant motivation and stimulus — ironically, that same early period of his career is also one of the biggest sources of inspiration. “Even when we were like maybe 20, 24 years old or something, at the height of The Beatles, we often would try to work out something on a song or what we were gonna do with a recording, we’d often say, ‘What would we have done when we were 17?’ And we’d check back to our 17-year-old selves, who we thought were the coolest people in the world. It’s your formative period, it’s when you get a lot of your ideas, and in my case if you’re writing songs, those memories are very rich wells of inspiration,” he shared.

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