Paul McCartney on handling crowds, and why he calls Donald Trump “the mad captain”

“I’ll just be a couple of seconds, I’ve got a patient in here,” says Sir Paul McCartney, poking his head round his office door.

He disappears again, leaving you to nervously scan the books in the waiting room – three dictionaries, some Taschen art folios, a few dozen Beatles reference works and a surprising number of Jamie Oliver cook books.

Minutes later Sir Paul reappears, ushering out his “patient”, who turns out to be one of the many assistants at his plush, five-storey office in Soho.

“Take the pills three times a day,” he quips. “You might feel a little drowsy at first.”

As he beckons you in, the star begins fussing around the room, making small talk (“You’re from Belfast? I thought I detected that lovely little accent”) and straightening up his picture frames.

“Slight obsession,” he says. “What do they call it? Obsessive compulsive disorder. Disorder! I think it’s the opposite. I think it’s order.”

All this kerfuffle is designed to put you at ease.

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