Paul McCartney’s ‘Sex Secrets’?

The gutter press have gone overboard today over some quotes from Paul McCartney’s GQ interview, in which he said that he and John Lennon used to masturbate together.

Of course the press, who have very short memories, have taken these as major revelations – but Paul first mentioned this in the book ‘Paul McCartney Many Years From Now’. In fact it goes back further than this, – all was revealed by Pete Shotton in his book ‘John Lennon – In My Life’.

Oh well, Paul gets more column inches in the press – which sells more CDs :>)

Singalong to Imagine to Break a World Record – October 9th, London

Please share our ‘Imagine’ singalong Guinness World Record attempt in London. To create awareness for humanity and to celebrate John Lennon’s birthday on 9th October 2018.
John Lennon experience by Jimmy Coburn from (Cavern Club Beatles) will be singing Imagine with us and performing a concert after the event by singing many John Lennon & Beatles songs.
To break the record we need over 72+ people from different Nationalities.
We Can Work It Out and Come Together as one.
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Sir Paul McCartney, The Master Of Content Marketing, Strikes Again

ir Paul McCartney has always had a knack for content marketing. He goes further than concerts, further than getting radio play, even at times showing a real talent for public relations. In support of his new album, Egypt Station, he’s become a content-generating “clean machine.” But it’s because he has to.

For McCartney, content marketing is just another day.

From the Beatles days, he was always thinking about how to earn the band attention and/or make a big splash worthy of “The Beatles” name, particularly when the band decided to stop touring. Take “The Magical Mystery Tour” – the tour itself and the subsequent movie – was Paul’s idea. The idea to do a rooftop concert in support of the album Let It Be – and the filming of the sessions for what was to become the Let It Be movie – was largely Paul’s idea.

And along his solo career Paul has turned his fame and talent into TV productions supporting new albums – James Paul McCartney in support of his Red Rose Speedway album, Back To The Egg TV Special in support of the album Back To The Egg. Even the feature film Give My Regards To Broadstreet, where he wrote a couple new songs and re-recorded several classics and built them into a screenplay he wrote.

Add all the music videos over the years, a staple of the MTV era, and it’s quite a library of material. But it’s all content marketing. It just wasn’t called content marketing then.

And with Egypt Station Paul has outdone himself.

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“It Started in Hamburg”: Klaus Voormann Launches New Exhibition at the Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg

Klaus Voormann, legendary musician, Beatles-friend, designer of the Beatles’ iconic Revolver album cover and Grammy Award winner, will be launching a new exhibition in Hamburg. To be shown as part of the Reeperbahn Festival, the exhibition will be open to the public from 19 to 23 September 2018 and will be dedicated to Voormann’s substantial creative work, which started in Hamburg in 1958. The exhibition is based on Voormann’s new book, “Klaus Voormann – It started in Hamburg“, which was released on the occasion of his 80th birthday. In the book, the artist provides insights into his remarkable life and works and also reminisces on his time spent with the Beatles.

Klaus Voormann’s relationship with the Beatles dates back to their time in Hamburg in the early 1960s. This is where the Fab Four started their music-career, spending two intermittent years in the city’s music clubs and laying the foundations for their global success story. The Beatles were an integral part of the legendary Hamburg sound of the sixties. Today, many of these live venues continue to provide a home to young and eager bands, making the district of St Pauli the number one hotspot for live-music in continental Europe. At the upcoming Reeperbahn Festival, countless newcomer bands as well as established artists from around the world will be performing live as part of 600 concerts ( More information to discover Hamburg on the tracks of the Beatles:

Set of Abbey Road Photos to be Auctioned

A set of 7 photos taken by Iain MacMillan for the Abbey Road Album cover are to be sold at auction next month. They comprise of 6 photos of the Beatles on the crossing, 3 going one way across, and 3 the other. The other photo is the original photo of the Abbey Road Street sign, seen on the back cover.

The photos are to be sold by Christie’s next month. The sale estimate in the catalogue is $70,000-$90,000! If you think that is a lot, a similar set sold in the UK 4 years ago for £180,000!!!

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