New Film about Brian Epstein Coming Soon!

THE MAN WHO is the incredible story of Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein, seen through the lens of a fictional interview on the Ed Sullivan Show. It’s a brilliant concept – the antithesis of a traditional staid biopic. By examining Brian’s life through this prism – which ultimately proves to be Brian’s dying memories – it allows us to play fast and loose with time and structure, reality and fantasy, and really get under his skin. It also offers us a glimpse of the Beatles phenomenon from Brian’s unique perspective, which has never been seen before.

Director Mat Whitecross

Producers Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, Simon Halfon, Fiona Neilson

Co-Producer Kevin Proctor

Executive Producers Jude Law, Perry Trevers

Starring Dennis Quaid (Ed Sullivan) , Dominic Cooper (Brian Epstein), Ben Schnetzer (John Lennon)

Sounds and interesting team working on the film.  More new when we get it!

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