Liverpool is getting a new five-floor Beatles Museum on Mathew Street

A new Beatles museum packed with memorabilia is opening in a former Victorian warehouse in Liverpool this summer.

Created by Roag Best, brother of ‘fifth Beatle’ Pete, it will tell the story of band’s history through 300 items from his personal collection.

Magical History Museum will take up five floors of the building – at number 23 Mathew Street, next to the Grapes pub – which has been completely gutted and refurbished.

Roag said: “It’s going to blow people’s minds.

We will be taking people on a journey though the Beatles’ career but unlike any other museum before it, every part of the journey will be accompanied with memorabilia.

“Many things they will never have seen before, others they will have seen back in the day but not for many years.”

Objects include George Harrison’s Futurama guitar, John Lennon’s Sergeant Pepper medals, the cello from I Am The Walrus and Pete Best’s Premier drum kit.

Roag has around 1,200 items of Beatles memorabilia in his personal collection, which he keeps in storage units.

As well as buying them himself, he was given many objects by his, and Pete’s mother – and by his father, Beatles roadie and later head of Apple Corps Neil Aspinall.

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  1. I think the Futurama guitar will be Rory Best’s which George Harrison borrowed for Hamburg when his was being repaired. Should be some interesting stuff in there.

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