Cast announcement coincides with 48th anniversary

of Let It Be album release – 8 May 1970

Brand new Part II imagines The Beatles’ reunion concert that never was – a rare treat for fans



Let It Be: A Celebration Of The Music Of The Beatles returns to the UK for a national tour starting in Summer 2018.


It has been announced that West End producer Mark Goucher has struck a deal with Canadian Producer Jeff Parry to take over the commercial running of the worldwide hit Beatles musical. Goucher, also CEO at The Everyman Theatre Cheltenham will launch the brand-new production at Wales Millennium Centre in August, which will lead onto a tie up with German producer’s BB for an extended tour in Germany. It is also hoped that the show will return to a London theatre in late 2018 or early 2019.


Today, the talented cast who will portray the Fab Four in the show have also been revealed – coinciding with the 48th anniversary of Let It Be the album, which was released on 8 May 1970.


Let It Be is the 12th and final studio album released by The Beatles – almost a month after the band split and went their separate ways. The album release also came shortly before the film of the same title opened in cinemas.

And now, Let It Be: A Celebration Of The Music Of The Beatles returns to the UK with a brand new second half of the popular show – giving audiences a rare glimpse of how the band may have continued as a four-piece. Fans will see The Beatles reunite for one night only, with the new section of the show set a decade after the group went their separate ways.

A cast of talented musicians will take to stages across the country as the Fab Four, wowing audiences with their effortless and indistinguishable portrayal as John, Paul, George and Ringo. The performers have already toured the show to some of the biggest stages in the world including Broadway.

The cast are revealed as Michael Gagliano who will play John Lennon; Emanuele Angeletti as Paul McCartney; John Brosnan as George Harrison; and Ben Cullingworth as Ringo Starr. The band will be joined on stage throughout the tour by musical director Michael Bramwell on keyboards.

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