Iconic Album Covers Get the Social Distancing Treatment

Agency Activisita wants to encourage people to create some space

One of history’s most iconic album covers is The Beatles’ Abbey Road. The photo of (in order from the right if you’re being picky) John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison is masterfully simple.

The group walking across the street, VW Beetle parked not-quite-right, is lauded for its simplicity and has been tourist fodder for as long as anyone can remember.

It’s also notable that the legendary quartet is walking rather close to each other—something that would be considered verboten in today’s era of social distancing due to the spread of COVID-19. To help make a point about getting a little distance, Los Angeles agency Activista has created 6 Feet Covers, a series of album covers reimagined to show what social distancing should look like.

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