Giles Martin Speaks Out over International Record Store Day Controversy

For International Record Store Day, a special 7 inch vinyl single was released of Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane. Only 7000 were released for the world, sparking long queues at participating shops, hours before they were open. Many of these copies appeared on Ebay within hours of being sold, at double the price sold in record stores.

Giles Martin, who mixed the new single has spoken out about this. When it was pointed out on twitter what was happening, Giles replied “I agree, this is crazy. I’ll try and push to make more copies. Music is for everyone, not for eBay.”

Hopefully he’ll be listened to!

One thought on “Giles Martin Speaks Out over International Record Store Day Controversy”

  1. I saw copies on eBay 2 days before RSD. Very disappointed that my local shop had only 3 copies so missed opperunity for purchase.

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