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Good News for award-winning Liverpool attraction, The Beatles Story

The Beatles Story, Liverpool, today announced good news amid the difficult and challenging times currently being experienced across the world.

Despite the exhibition’s recent temporary closure over the current Coronavirus crisis, the award-winning attraction has hit record numbers for 2019/20 and in its 30th anniversary year they are celebrating the best-ever year of attendance

A record number of 317,156 visitors enjoyed the iconic exhibition in 2019/20 which is an increase of 5,481 (1.7%) on 2018/19 figures and is a new record for the popular Liverpool attraction. 

Mary Chadwick, General Manager said:

“These are fantastic results even in these challenging times and we know that this number would have been even higher hadn’t we taken the difficult decision to temporarily close early last week. Even though we had no reported cases at The Beatles Story, we had a duty to our employees, visitors and the community to help stop the spread of the virus.” 

“Credit goes to the whole team for all their hard work and the part they have played in this success. We know that there’s still lots of work ahead when we re-open the doors again, but we are confident that the measures and reassurances we have put in place with our valued partners will see these visitors returning to us and to the city of Liverpool and that we can build on this success for the future.” 

This good news comes in the year that the popular attraction will be celebrating its 30th anniversary after first opening their doors to the public on 1st May 1990.

While the celebrations are currently on hold, the award-winning team are looking forward to sharing announcements of new upgrades, memorabilia and updates to its immersive experience in the future.

Prince Harry meets Jon Bon Jovi at Abbey Road Studios

Rock royalty met the Royal Family when the Duke of Sussex got behind a microphone with Jon Bon Jovi.

They met at Abbey Road Studios, where the US rocker is re-recording his song Unbroken with the Invictus Games Choir.

The prince – who will step down as a working royal at the end of March – posted a video of both men in a recording booth.

Bon Jovi said he looked forward to working with the “artist formerly known as prince”.

Both men greeted each other warmly on the steps of the world-famous London studio synonymous with the Beatles.

They were then ushered inside to the control room overlooking Studio 2 – where Fab Four recorded during the 1960s.

A video filmed during the duke’s visit showed the prince and the popstar wearing headphones.

The footage ends just as the pair are about to break into song.

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The studio which lent its name to the seminal Beatles album turns 90 next year and has a long tradition of innovation – one which is continuing with its Red tech incubator

To step inside Abbey Road Studios is to step into music history.

Some of the world’s most famous and influential albums have been recorded here, including Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and OK Computer by Radiohead.

Studio Two, which was used to lay down much of The Beatles’ best-loved work, features pictures of the Fab Four as well as Kylie Minogue and Oasis.

Now a Grade II-listed building, its endearing popularity is evident among the queue of tourists waiting to have their picture taken on the iconic pedestrian crossing – which also has protected status. Even Studio Two’s original wooden flooring remains in place.

What is perhaps less well known is the history of innovation at the St John’s Wood institution. From the creation and patenting of stereo in 1931 to holding the blueprint for the modern recording console, the walls and feel of the three-storey townhouse lay claim to a heritage which changed music forever.

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4th February 1968 – The Beatles Record Across the Universe – With a Little Help…

February 4th 1968. The Beatles are recording Across the Universe at EMI, Abbey Road.

Half way through the session, Paul McCartney comes out of the Studio, and asks the fans that sheltering in the foyer whether they could ‘hold a high note’.

Lizzie Bravo and Gayleen Pease said yes, and were led into the studio by Paul to sing backing vocals on Across the Universe!

The Story Behind The Song: ‘Instant Karma!’, John Lennon’s one-day wonder

There are a plethora of songs that John Lennon can hang his creative hat on. From his work with The Beatles to his enigmatic solo work, ‘Instant Karma!’ provides the perfect bridge between the icon’s career islands.

The song was written and recorded in one day, January 27th, 1970, and released just 10 days later, with John Lennon once boasting that he “wrote it for breakfast, recorded it for lunch and we’re putting it out for dinner.”

While that is a slight exaggeration, ‘Instant Karma!’ was one of the most hastily put together songs John Lennon ever wrote. The singer and songwriter’s choice to put out the track so quickly would have some huge implications for the rest of The Beatles and quickly put Lennon out into the public as a solo artist before the confirmation of the band’s split had been announced.

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Remembering the moment Paul McCartney joined Allen Ginsberg to perform ‘Ballad of the Skeletons’

Two performers so synonymous with the word ‘Beat’ that we promise it is the last time we will make the reference, joined forces on the 16th October in 1995 when Paul McCartney joined forces with iconic poet Allen Ginsberg to give a rousing performance at the Royal Albert Hall.

The Beat poet was joined by The Beatles man to perform a musical adaptation of Ginsberg’s poem ‘Ballad Of The Skeletons’. The clip below shows the pair enjoy their driving performance and send the audience home with a piece of cultural history.

As a member of the Beat poetry movement that raged through America during the ’40s and ’50s, Allen Ginsberg was a huge influence on the rock and roll acts that followed. His creative fury and passion was a notion that may have influenced a young Paul McCartney. With Ginsberg and compatriots, Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs, et al, filling the roles of rock stars for the age, their influence on the swinging sixties was hard to ignore.

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Neil Innes – Chief Rutle passes away :>(

I’m absolute ‘Shocked and stunned’ to hear of the passing of Neil Innes – one of the best writers and performers of comedic songs ever – and a truly wonderful human being.
I was first aware of Neil as a member of the ‘Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band’ on the children’s TV show ‘Do Not Adjust Your Set’ which was a favourite of mine when I was about 6 years old. Their songs were very silly – and made my laugh a lot. Also on the show were Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin – and Eric has acknowledged the huge debt that Monty Python owe to the Bonzos.
Many rock stars loved the Bonzos too – not least The Beatles – who asked them to be on their film ‘Magical Mystery Tour’. Paul McCartney produced their single ‘I’m the Urban Spaceman’ which was a big hit for them.
Neil later became a member of GRIMMS – which was basically a combination of members of the Bonzos and Scaffold – including Mike McGear – Paul McCartney’s brother.
It was through the Rutles though that Neil will be best remembered – the brilliant, affectionate spoof of the Beatles, that Neil wrote all the songs for. ‘I Must Be I Love’ is still one of my favourite songs of all time – and it supposed to be a spoof!
I will be watching The Rutles tonight :>)
I was fortunate to meet Neil on many occasions. When I was running the London Beatles Fanclub magazine I spent a wonderful hour or so interviewing Neil, John Halsey,, and Rikky Faatar on the release of the Rutles ‘Archeology’ album. Neil was on great form that day – and told me some lovely stories of how heavily involved his great friend George Harrison was involved in the Rutles TV show.
My best memory of Neil is from 2001 – when I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest to the New York area ‘Fest for Beatles Fans’. Neil was one of the star guests, and I spent a long time in his company. My wife, Esther, had died a few weeks before, and Neil was gracious enough to give me time to tell him stories about her – she was a great fan too. In return, Neil told me stories to make me laugh – something I really needed at the time! I’ll always remember his incredible kindness and generosity he show me over that weekend.
Since then, our paths have crossed on many occasions, and I loved seeing his Rutles shows with ‘Barry Wom’ – but also his solo shows. His non Rutles songs have been strangely overlooked by most – but not by Noel Gallagher – or Whatever (in joke!)
I last saw Neil just a few weeks ago, when he compared the Bootleg Beatles show at the Royal Albert Hall – and was at his usual funny best. It was such a shock to hear of his passing.
It is very noticeable that people are treating his passing like that of a close relative – but Neil was a part of all our families.
So farewell brave Sir Neil – you will be much missed.

New Beatles Merch Is Headed to Sony Music’s Thread Shop

In connection to the deal, The Thread Shop is bringing on Joe Marziotto as vice president, licensing & marketing.

It’s a “Happy Xmas” for The Beatles fans. Just in time for gifting season, Sony Music Entertainment’s merchandise agency, The Thread Shop, has signed a new deal to produce merch for the iconic rock band in North America.

The Thread Shop’s partnership with the band’s Apple Corps, Ltd. — created in 1968 to oversee their business and creative interests — includes new merchandise, licensing, retail and ecommerce opportunities in North America. The first wave of merch, which includes clothing, toys, turntables and a pinball machine, will be available at a Beatles holiday pop-up store in New York City from Dec. 11 through 22.

“More than a half-century after Beatlemania first broke out in the U.S., The Beatles remain an unmatched cultural force in our society,” said Sony Music Entertainment president, commercial music group, Richard Story. “Their revolutionary achievements continue to inspire artists and thinkers across borders, cultures, and generations. We are tremendously honored that they have entrusted The Thread Shop with their iconic brand, and we look forward to sharing their extraordinary vision with fans.”

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Casbah Club Opened 60 Years ago today

Aug 29th 1959 – the Quarrymen play at the opening night of the Casbah Club, Liverpool. Initially, the club as supposed to be opened by the Les Stewart Quartet, featuring George Harrison and Ken Brown. However, an in group fight just before the gig meant only George and Ken were available. George therefore called up his old friends, Paul McCartney and John Lennon to see if they were interested in playing. Their group, the Quarrymen, had all but broken up, and George had joined another group. However the Quarrymen reformed to play the Casbah with John, Paul, George and Ken.
If it wasn’t for the Casbah, the Quarrymen, and therefore the Beatles, would have ceased to exist.