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Come Together to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles Crossing Abbey Road

Come Together! Special Beatles Walk August 8th

9:30am from outside exit One of Tottenham Court Road Station. 
Cross Abbey Road 50 years to the minute since the Beatles on our very special London Beatles Walk on August 8th!. Join Beatles fans from around the world on this historic occasion. We will also visit: Paul McCartney’s London Offices, The Studio where the Beatles recorded ‘Hey Jude’, where they played their last ever live performance, and many others. We will be lead across by the Beatles tribute supergroup ‘Fab Gear’ who will be wearing the same style clothes that the Beatles wore 50 years ago. They will arrive at the crossing in a replica of John Lennon’s psychedelic Rolls Royce Car!
There are many other surprises planned for the day too
To book for the tour go to and scroll through for the date.

Special Concert – Dublin Castle, Camden Town

Then to celebrate, come to our special party at the historic Dublin Castle in Camden Town. It will star ‘Fab Gear’ a Beatles tribute ‘supergroup’, featuring Phill Marshall Agourakis as John, Joe Kane as Paul, David Minchin as George, and Dave Stark as Ringo. Also starring the great duo ‘The Fab Twins’. The will be many special guests, making this a Fab celebration of an event that has brought Beatles fans together from around the World. Tickets £10 in advance, or £13 on the day.
Tickets can be bought at

My London Walks this week

Tuesday 11am: ‘Beatles In My Life’ – From Marylebone station
Wednesday 2pm: Beatles Magical Mystery Tour – From Tottenham Court Road Station
Thursday 11am – Beatles Magical Mystery Tour – From Tottenham Court Road Station
Friday 2pm. Rock and Roll London walk – From Tottenham Court Road Station

Saturday 11am: Beatles In My Life From Marylebone stationS

Sunday 11am:  Beatles Magical Mystery Tour – From Tottenham Court Road Station

All tours cost £10 for adults, £8 for students and seniors. Under 15s free with an adult.

For full details on my tours see

Beatles Royal Command Performance 1963 Poster – Fake News?

One of  the most re-produced photos of the Beatles shows them by a blue wall and doorway. It was made into a poster, licensed by Brian Epstein’s company, NEMS Enterprises, that sold hundreds of thousands copies over the world. The poster had the caption ‘Beatles London Palladium Royal Command Performance 1963 ‘.

Unfortunately, there are several things wrong with this poster. For a start, the 1963 Royal Command Performance was NOT at the London Palladium, it was at the Prince of Wales Theatre. The Beatles played at the Palladium a few weeks before the Royal Command Performance, which might have caused the confusion.

So, was the photo taken at the London Palladium? Err No. In fact it almost certainly wasn’t taken in the UK, and not  in 1963, but early 1964. Here is an out-take from the same photo session:

You can’t fail to notice the huge ‘Ford Service’ sign above the Beatles. There is nothing like this near the London Palladium! You will also notice that the poster photo has been reversed from this one.

So where was the photo taken? I wish I could be sure! Some say in was taken is Paris in January 1964, and some in Washington DC in February 1964. I thought it was Paris, but renowned French journalist and Beatles expert Jacques Volcouve says there was nothing like the ‘Ford Service’ place in Paris, and thinks it was taken in Washington.

Let’s look at more photos, that might give us a clue. Here is another out-take by the blue wall, that shows Paul wearing a shiny (maybe leather?) jacket, which he took off for the most famous photo.

Here are the Beatles coming out of the George V Hotel in Paris, with Paul wearing a leather jacket. Is it the same one? The other Beatles seem to be wearing the same clothes as the ‘Palladium’ poster.

Here is a photo of the Beatles in Washington. All are wearing very similar clothes as the ‘Palladium’ shots, except Paul, who is not wearing a leather jacket, but an overcoat, like the others.

Well the jury is out. What do you think? Paris or Washington? Who was the photographer? Any details would be gratefully received!

One thing is for sure though, it wasn’t taken at the Palladium!


Blogger Richard Porter is a London Beatles tour guide. For more info on his tours go to



Back on the London Beatles Walks

I’m back on the London Beatles Walks full time on Saturday after my jury duty. Is going to be a busy few weeks -with Paul McCartney‘s London concert, and Christmas just around the corner.

I still have some spots available for private walks, but they are filling up fast, so book now to avoid disappointment.

For my public tours, you just need to show up and pay on the day. As well as the usual walks, I am doing a special ‘Beatles at Christmas’ walk on December 26th.

Full details of all my tours are at

Beatles Walking Tours of London!

From Trip Adviser

Magical mystery tour – Beatles walking tour with Richard Porter

It was a fantastic tour that was very insightful and enlightening. It featured very famous sites such as Abbey road and the Apple records building on Savile Row as well as more peculiar sites that would be invisible to the untrained eye. Richard is a fantastic tour guide who has a wealth of knowledge about the beatles as well as the culture of the sixties. Very interesting stories, aided by his booklet of photos relevant to each site. As an avid Beatles fan this was amazing but dont worry if you aren’t the biggest beatles fan, you will still enjoy this insight into the biggest band ever and the culture they both grew in and shaped.

For more details of my tours go to