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April 14th – A Busy Day for the Beatles

April 14th was a busy day for the Beatles over the years. Here are some of the highlights:


the Beatles film an appearance on Thank Your Lucky Stars at Teddington Studios. They are met at the studios by Rolling Stones manager, Giorgio Gomelsky. who took them to nearby Richmond to see the Rolling Stones perform at the Crawdaddy Club. The Beatles later go back for a party to the Rolling Stones flat in Edith Grove. Mick Jagger remembers this when we inducted the Beatles into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


The Beatles are in Ailsa Avenue, Twickenham, to film a scene for their second film, Help! The street is located near to Twickenham Film Studios, where the bulk of the film was made. Ringo Starr entered number five, John Lennon went into number seven, Paul McCartney number nine and George Harrison number 11.

Word went out rapidly that the Beatles were filming in the street, and and large group of fans quickly gathered to watch their heroes in action.

A number of other street scenes were also filmed on this day at Ailsa Avenue. The interior scenes in the houses, which turned out to be an extensive living area, were filmed at Twickenham Film Studios.


The Beatles record ‘Paperback Writer’ and ‘Rain’ in Studio 2 at EMI at Abbey Road.


John Lennon and Paul McCartney record The Ballad of John and Yoko at EMI Studios, Abbey Road.

John plays lead guitar and Paul drums, as George and Ringo were both unavailable.

The Ballad of John and Yoko was the Beatles final number one single in the UK


13th April 1965 The Beatles Record ‘Help!’

On April 13th 1965, the Beatles recorded ‘Help!’ in Studio 2 at EMI Studios, Abbey Road. As with their first film ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, The title of the film was chosen first, and the Beatles had to come up with a song with that title. The task could have been more difficult, if the original title ‘Eight Arms to Hold You’ hadn’t been rejected!

‘Help!’ was almost entirely written by John, who meant it as a cry for help, but at the time, it was just seen as another song. It was recorded in a four hour evening session, ending at 11pm. The Beatles resumed filming ‘Help!’ early next morning!

12th April 1967 – Paul McCartney Creates the Concept of ‘Magical Mystery Tour’

During the flight back to London with Mal Evans, following their week-long holiday in San Francisco, Denver and Los Angeles, Paul McCartney worked up his initial concept for the Magical Mystery Tour soundtrack and television special.

With the impending release of the album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, McCartney had moved on to the ‘next big thing’ — a Trippy TV show. Paul sketched out this ‘map’ of how the show might go, with the basics for such critical elements like ‘Yellow Coach’, ‘Lunch’, a ‘Busty Hostess’, a ‘Laboratory’ scene {better living thru chemistry}, lots of ‘Dream’ sequences as well as the mandatory ‘Stripper and Band’.

Paul McCartney diagram, showing his concept of Magical Mystery Tour

11 April 1965 – the Beatles Appear on the NME Poll Winners Show

On April 11th 1965, the Beatles appeared on the annual New Musical Express (NME) Poll Winners Show at the Empire Pool Wembley. This was an annual event, with amazing line-ups. This year it included not only the Beatles, but the Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Georgie Fame, Them (featuring Van Morrison) Dusty Springfield, Donovan, plus many others.

The Beatles performed I Feel Fine, She’s a Woman, Baby’s in Black, Ticket to Ride, and Long Tall Sally, as well as receiving many awards, including ‘Best Group’.

As was common, much of the show was broadcast on TV. Here is the 1965 show. Pity Jimmy Saville is the compare :>(


30th March 1967 – The Photo for the Sgt Pepper Album Cover Taken

It was 50 years ago today that the photo for the cover of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was taken. The cover was designed by Peter Blake and his wife, Jan Howarth, and the photo taken by Michael Cooper. It was all put together at the Chelsea Manor Studios in Flood Street, just off the Kings Road, Chelsea.

Hear are some of those involved talking about how it came about

The Sgt Pepper album cover

25 March 1966 – the Beatles ‘Butcher Cover’ Photo Session

March 25th 1966. The Beatles have a photo session with Robert Whitaker  that produces the infamous ‘Butcher Cover’.

In 2004, in this exclusive interview, Robert told me how it came out:

“I wanted to ask about the infamous ‘Butcher Cover’. The picture was your idea, to show they were human….

To show they were flesh and blood – which is what they are. Some people would saw them as saints, which they weren’t. I also found that every time we got off the stage girls would have ripped them to bits, had they got the chance, torn them to pieces – that was something to do with the meat. The dolls are really little girls screaming away. There are a lot of false things there like false teeth, false dolls eyes. It was never meant to be the cover.

What is John’s idea to have it as the cover?

No, the images were snatched as soon as I had finished them and sent to America without asking me how I wanted to see it. The sausages are meant to be an umbilical chord coming out of a woman and the whole thing would be put inside the womb of a woman. All you would have had on the record cover was a breast, nipple and big tummy. Inside the tummy is The Beatles holding the umbilical chord. Around all of that would have been transfers of little people blowing trumpets, as they do in frescos. There is another picture of George banging nails into John’s head – he would have had wood grain put over his head so he would be a piece of wood – George would be banging nails into a piece of wood. Another of Ringo being unpacked from a box. Written on the box is ‘2 million’. He would have been a piece of alabaster plaster. The whole thing would have been falseness, dummies, unreality. The back cover would have been the butcher picture, about 2 inches square and the rest of it would have been gold, like a Russian icon that canonises them. I was thinking of Moses coming down from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments and finding people worshiping the golden calves – like people did to The Beatles, treating them like gods, but they are not.

What was your reaction to the furore around the sleeve?

I thought it was not my fault! If they had asked me what the artwork was I don’t think it would have been that frightening. I don’t blame people for being upset about it. But as it turns out it actually released John to say that they were pissed off looking like pretty little boys all the time and that they were human beings. It gave them a release.
There is a lot written about the ‘butcher’ sleeve and very little I’ve said about it. I’ve never written anything by hand. It’s nearly 40 years ago since I did it and it’s hard to recreate the train of thought when I did it.

The Beatles ‘Yesterday and Today’ album cover

The Charts – 50 Years Ago Today.

The charts from 50 years ago this week – with ‘Release Me’ keeping ‘Penny Lane’ and ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ getting to number one. It was weird further down too – with 2 versions of Charlie Chaplin’s ‘This is My Song’ at 3 and 4, ‘Eidelweiss’ at number 5, and ‘Memories are made of this’ by Val Doonican at number 20. This is right before the Summer of Love???

There was some hope in the chart as well though. Note the first chart entry of Pink Floyd, with their first single ‘Arnold Layne’ ‘Al Capone’ by Prince Buster, and ‘Happy Together’ by the Turtles making an appearance.

Strange Days Indeed!


Record charts, March 1967


March 12th 1969 – Paul McCartney Marries Linda Eastman.

March 12th 1969 – Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman at Marylebone Register Office, London.

The press are out in force, as are lots of Paul McCartney fans, crying their eyes out as Paul has got married.

BTW Linda was NOT part of Eastman Kodak. Her family fled from Russia to escape the progrom against the Jews, and changed their name when they arrived in the US. The original family name was ….Epstein!

Here is colour footage of Paul and Linda’s wedding.

Paul and Linda McCartney, with Linda’s daughter Heather, after their wedding at Marylebone Register Office

On the same day, Sgt Norman Pilcher of the drugs squad raids Kinfauns, the home of George and Pattie Harrison. Pattie is at home and George is at Apple in Savile Row. George tells Patti to show the police where the drugs are, before they smash the place up. However, before she has the chance, the police ‘discover’ a huge stash of pot, which wasn’t George and Pattie’s! They’d brought their own, to be on the safe side…

On June 11th 2003, blogger Richard Porter married Irina Dyomkina at Marylebone Register Office (no coincidence!)

Blogger Richard Porter with Irina, and her daughter, Ilona, at their wedding at Marylebone Register Office

We go to Marylebone Register Office on my Beatles In My Life walk

March 11th 1966 – John Lennon Talks to the NME

In March 1966 John Lennon gave an interview to the music paper the ‘New Musical Express’ – known to everyone as the ‘NME’

The chat took place at ‘a nice little caff in Soho,’ and was published in the March 11th 1966 edition of NME with the teaser ‘LENNON TALKS!’ on the front page. Asking the questions was Chris Hutchins.

To read a transcript of the interview see

Blogger Richard Porter is a full time Beatles tour guide in London. For more info on his tours, see