Beatles ‘Apple’ Owned House up for Sale?

A very intriguing article appeared in ‘The Times’ newspaper today about a house in Charles Street, Mayfair, that was owned by the Beatles, through Apple, in ‘the late 1960s’. It says the Beatles used to come here a lot and were even photographed in the bath! It also states that John Lennon painted graffiti on to the tiles in the kitchen.

Curious, as I cannot recall of the Beatles owning a house there at that time. Apple moved into 48 Charles Street in 1983, and moved out in 1989, but that was of course long after the passing of John Lennon. Also the location of the house for sale seems to be the other end of the street.

I know there are a few people still around who worked for Apple in the late 60s. Does anyone have any knowledge of this house?

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