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Footage of the Beatles on location for Help! to go on sale

Unseen footage of the Beatles filmed more than 50 years ago is to go on sale.

The Fab Four were caught on camera by actor Leo McKern while on location in the Austrian Alps for the 1965 movie Help!

McKern was cast as Clang, the leader of a mystical cult determined to recover a ring from Ringo Starr’s finger which would enable a sacrifice to proceed.

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Be a Part of the New Fan Video for Ringo’s Give More Love

Sometimes this world can be a difficult place, and it’s hard to know what we can do. We’re celebrating people who GIVE MORE LOVE every day, and want YOU to be a part of it. Share your photos or short video depicting peace, love, and kindness using the hashtag #GiveMoreLoveContest.

Post your photos or short video (10-15 seconds) on Instagram and Twitter that depict “Give More Love” and/or random acts of kindness. Be sure to use the hashtag #GiveMoreLoveContest. Full rules here.

Ringo will choose his favorite photos and videos to be featured in the upcoming fan video for GIVE MORE LOVE.

Official Sgt Pepper Jukebox Released


The Sound Leisure company has used all the skills and knowledge of their in house research and development team that produced their original vinyl mechanism back in the late 70’s to recreate this analogue dream machine.

The unique rotating vinyl mechanism holds 70 45rpm records (not included) with 140 selection options the jukebox can play both A & B sides. The machine features a revolving title rack to select favourite records at the touch of a button. The Label Magic software subscription, included for 12 months with the jukebox purchase, enables personalised creation of record title labels when records are changed in the machine. Music selections are made directly from the button bank on the machine or via the infra-red remote control that also controls the volume, shuffle play and record reject.

The Sgt. Pepper’s Vinyl Jukebox incorporates a Bluetooth ™ receiver with the ability to stream digital music from a compatible device. It also features auxiliary outputs, input and additional speaker connections. A splendid quality sound is guaranteed for all from needle to ear via the Sound Leisure D4 amplifier and five way in built speaker system.

Featuring authentic Sgt. Pepper’s styling from cabinet to lettering and solid aluminium chromed castings, this jukebox is truly unique.

All machines are hand built to the highest standard by Sound Leisure’s craftsmen and women and are individually numbered.

The Sgt. Pepper’s Jukebox can be viewed at the Sound Leisure Showroom in Leeds.

PRICE – £8995 inc.VAT, UK delivery and installation.

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November 9th 1961 – Brian Epstein Meets the Beatles at the Cavern Club

On November 9th 1961, Brian Epstein went to the Cavern Club to see the Beatles, initially to ask about where to obtain the record they had made in Hamburg with Tony Sheridan. Accompanying Brian was Alistair Taylor, his personal assistant. In this exclusive interview with the London Beatles Fanclub magazine, conducted in 1995, Alistair told me about that day:

“We had imported the record by Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers (really the Beatles) and it sold like crazy. One day Brian came in and said, “Do you remember that record we sold by the Beatles?” I said ‘Yes, of course’, and he said, ‘Well, they are playing at the Cavern, today, at lunchtime, let’s go to lunch and call in at the Cavern’.

So we went to the Cavern. Ghastly place. We went in suits, like I’m wearing today, and there were these four ghastly youths up on stage, wearing black leather jeans, black jackets, smoking and drinking, and so loud. Brian and I sat at the back, we only heard about four or five numbers and they were just so charismatic and so exciting. What really struck us was the final number, which Paul announced they had written. It was ‘Hello Little Girl’. It was a damned good number. We didn’t like pop music, we just sold records for a living. I was a jazz and classics fan.

We went to lunch, and Brian asked me what I thought of them, and I said, ‘They were bloody awful, but absolutely incredible!’ We talked a bit more, and Brian said ‘I’m thinking of managing them!’. I said, ‘My god, you’re kidding’ – I thought it was great. He said ‘If I do manage them, would you come with me. Who do you work for, me or NEMS?’ I said ‘I work for you’ So he said, ‘If you come with me, I’ll give you 2.5% of the Beatles earnings. I replied, ‘I couldn’t accept that Brian’ I had no money to put up and I knew it would be very expensive. I said all I wanted was a better salary, that’s all.”

So Alistair turned down the chance of getting a very nice share in the Beatles, but remained a big part of their entourage, at NEMS with Brian, and later as general manager of Apple, until he was fired by Allen Klein.

Alistair passed away in June 2004.

Blogger Richard Porter, guiding a Beatles tour of London with Alistair Taylor