August 8th 2018 – Cross Abbey Road 49 Years to the Minute Since the Beatles!

The Beatles crossed Abbey Road at 11:30am on August 8th 1969 for the photo shoot for their new album cover. Since then, millions of other people have done the same. Join us to cross Abbey Road exactly 49 years to the minute since the Beatles, at 11:30am from August 8th 2018. The cast of the Beatles musical,  ‘Let it Be’ will be there – dressed as the Beatles were on that historic day. The cast will be there from 11am.

Not long to the 50th anniversary!!

We will also be crossing Abbey Road later that day on my London Beatles Walk – full details at

A rather famous album cover :>)

3 thoughts on “August 8th 2018 – Cross Abbey Road 49 Years to the Minute Since the Beatles!”

  1. Looking forward to receive
    Photos or video to my phone I’ll watch it also
    On tv when you air it and
    I repeat I’ll be there for
    The 50 anniversary start
    Planning big sorry if I
    Keep sending three or more
    Messages I’m looking forward to that Sincerely
    Lucy kenney

  2. SIR PAUL McCartney looking
    Forward to the special
    49 years Abbey Road I’ll
    Be there for the 50 anniversary so plan big
    For 50 yrs. Hope to see
    A Vito on my phone for
    Tomorrow look forward to air on television, stay well love warm wishes Lucy
    Kenney your Beatles Girl

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