Artists Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles’ White Album In Major Exhibition at Soho Contemporary Art

They are coming from across the pond and across the country to strut their stuff, show their art and pay homage to the last music the Beatles created as a group – The White Album. It’s fifty years later and the music still sings like yesterday.

And these are not just any artists – these are celebrated artists in their own right. Painters such as Shannon MacDonald, painter extraordinaire and designated World’s Greatest Beatles Artist by none other than the Lord Mayor of Liverpool; Tom Murray’s legendary The Mad Day: Summer of 68 photographs taken in London in 1968; Rob Shanahan, known as the photographer to the stars of rock; German Pop artist Michel Friess the painter who loves to celebrate American iconic brands such as Mickey Mouse and Campbell’s Soup cans; sculptor Andrew Edwards whose 8 foot bronze sculptures of the Beatles leaving Liverpool are a major attraction even for Paul McCartney and James Corden; and lastly a real Beatle’s art work, namely Ringo Starr.

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