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Unknown footage of John Lennon, Yoko Ono resurfaces after 50 years

Fifty years after John Lennon and Yoko Ono famously staged a honeymoon “bed-in” for peace in an Amsterdam hotel, a Dutchman has unearthed 30 minutes of color footage of the event from his cellar.

The couple spent a week mostly under the sheets at the Hilton hotel to spread a pacifist message — smoking, eating, singing and playing guitar while receiving journalists for interviews.

The European leg of their honeymoon, which included an unusual press conference in Vienna with the glamour pair obscured inside a giant “bag”, was a huge media event — each step captured by photographers and videographers.

This included a Dutch team shooting footage for a two-part, 84-minute documentary, a kind of video diary filmed at the pair’s request.

It was broadcast only once, shortly after the honeymoon, and shown at the Edinburgh Film Festival the same year before disappearing into the archives of broadcaster KRO, where Jan Hovers was employed in the 1980s.

During a major cleanup of used film reels, he stumbled upon a tin marked: “Mr & Mrs Lennon’s Honeymoon” among others earmarked for the rubbish heap.

“I asked if I could keep it and they said: ‘No problem, it will all be destroyed anyway’,” Hovers told the Nieuwsuur current affairs programme broadcast Sunday.

He said he watched the footage with great pleasure, but then “forgot about it”.

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Paul McCartney Admits Beatles Planned Death Hoax!!

by Bruce Spizer
(Originally Published April, 2004. Upon completion, be sure to read the note in the black box at the end of the article!)

While on a recent quick vacation in New Orleans, Paul McCartney let his guard down and admitted what some Beatles fans have suspected for years. He confirmed that the “Paul is dead” clues found in several Beatles album covers and songs were deliberately planted by the group as part of an elaborate scheme dating back to the summer of 1966.

According to McCartney, the plan was formulated by manager Brian Epstein. “Brian dropped by the studio to hear the playback of our latest single, ‘Paperback Writer.’ He didn’t like it one bit. ‘Not a love song,’ he said. He was concerned that the press and our fans wouldn’t get it. He told us, ‘People want love songs. They won’t spend money for a song about a novel writer. You boys are gonna blow it with this one.’ But by this time, we were running the show, not Brian. We insisted that ‘Paperback Writer’ would be our next single and told him that the song represented the new direction our songwriting was going in.”

When contacted in London, former Beatles press agent Tony Barrow confirmed Brian’s concerns. “Brian was into traditional love songs. He had told Paul to come up with another ‘Yesterday’ or ‘Michelle’ for the next single. Imagine his shock when he heard ‘Paperback Writer’ and ‘Rain.’ Not only were they not love songs, but they were so loud! We didn’t know it at the time, but the Beatles had recorded the first heavy metal single. Not exactly ‘Till There Was You’ or ‘A Taste Of Honey.’ I was worried, too. I wondered, ‘Had the boys gone too far this time?’”

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Beatles fans ‘come together’ at annual Beatlefest

JERSEY CITY — Now in its 45th year, the area’s preeminent convention for Beatles fans commanded the Hyatt Regency hotel on Jersey City’s waterfront for a fab weekend of guest speakers, music and a marketplace full of modern and vintage collectibles, or, as one might say, Beatles for sale.

“It’s more about being social now,” said Gary Glaser of East Windsor, explaining his reasons for attending after many decades. Glaser has attended Beatlefest every year since 1980. “You see friends you haven’t seen since last year.”

Glaser, draped in a handmade leather tallit with the faces of John, Paul, George and Ringo stenciled up and down both sides, had just left a presentation on the making of the Beatles’ albums “Abbey Road” and “Let it Be,” a crisscrossing tale of a nearly abandoned record and a soon-to-be-abandoned band.

“Abbey Road,” the final Beatles album to be recorded, became their second to last to be released due. This year, Beatlefest paid honor to its 50th anniversary.

The festival ran all weekend, beginning Friday and ending Sunday evening. Talks and panels, like the one Glaser had just left, are a source of “stories you can’t even read in books,” he said. That particularly described Saturday’s panel featuring Beatles contemporaries the Zombies, creators of hits like “Time of the Season” and “Leave Me Be,” he added.

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Beatles hits to be played live by 500 musicians at Hastings charity event

Hastings celebrates the Fab Four on Sunday April 7 when the annual Beatles Day at the White Rock Theatre is set to raise thousands of pounds for cancer charity Macmillan. The popular event sees local musicians interpreting songs from across the entire output of the Beatles in a wide variety of styles. There are over 100 acts with over 500 performers playing across four stages. Bands and artists performing include The Do Theys; Mike Hatchard; Hastings Stage School; the Lianne Carroll Big Band; Claire Hamill Band; Pass The Cat; 1066 Rockitmen; The Kytes; The Dead Rabbits; Mick Mepham; Soultown; The Fipple Consort; Freak Flag; The Rockin Ambassadors and the Ingrid Pitt Orchestra, among dozens of others.

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The long and winding road: Beatles fans waste thousands travelling to the wrong station

Beatles fans looking to visit the Abbey Road crossing have wasted thousands of pounds taking a long and winding road to the wrong station.

Rather than going to St John’s Wood Tube station, in north-west London, many Beatlemaniacs instead went to Abbey Road station in the city’s east.

A Freedom of Information request by Telegraph Money showed that 1,171 journeys were made from the Abbey Road station on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) to St John’s Wood on the Jubilee line in 2018. The majority of these are thought to have been lost Beatles fans.

Assuming these were all adult single fares, fans would have spent £2,959.40 to get back to the right location.

[Blogger’s note – I’m sure many more people go to the wrong Abbey Road than is stated here. I still can’t believe TFL called the new station Abbey Road. To go the correct Abbey Road, come on my London Beatles Walks :>)