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Ringo Starr, Santana to Headline Woodstock 50th at Original Site

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, the cultural center located at the site of the 1969 Woodstock festival in Bethel, N.Y., announced today (February 19), the first acts that will perform at their edition of the festival’s 50th anniversary.

Ringo Starr will perform, as will several of the artists that played the legendary festival there in ’69, including Santana, Arlo Guthrie and Edgar Winter, at what’s being called Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival. The Doobie Brothers, who are touring with Santana this summer, will also be appearing.

The four-day event will celebrate the golden anniversary of the original, historic event, generally considered the most famous music festival of all time. However, it is scaled back from the original plans first announced in December.

Coming August 16-18, 2019, nearly 50 years to the day after the original, this “pan-generational music, culture, and community event,” as it was called in a December press release, will be held at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, which is approximately 90 minutes from New York City.

Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band will headline on Friday, August 16, along with Arlo Guthrie, who performed just after midnight on Friday, the first day of the original festival. Also playing that evening is Edgar Winter with the Edgar Winter Band, returning to Bethel for the first time since performing at the ’69 festival with his brother, Johnny Winter.

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This is when iconic Grapes pub will reopen – as old sign is revealed

A striking old sign has been revealed on The Grapes pub in Mathew Street as renovation work begins – and the building’s owner has confirmed the famous pub will reopen this weekend.

The Grapes, in the heart of the Cavern Quarter, is one of Liverpool’s most famous pubs and was once a haunt of The Beatles in their Cavern days.

But it was repossessed from the licensee by its owners in December and has been closed ever since.

Star Pubs and Bars said it had taken back control of the pub “following a High Court possession order due to the financial circumstances of the licensee”.

Scaffolding has gone up and the green and white sign above the pub has now been taken down – to reveal a red and black sign saying “The Famous Grapes.” Work has also started inside the pub on what Star has promised will be “a programme of repairs and sympathetic redecoration”.

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New Film about Brian Epstein Coming Soon!

THE MAN WHO is the incredible story of Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein, seen through the lens of a fictional interview on the Ed Sullivan Show. It’s a brilliant concept – the antithesis of a traditional staid biopic. By examining Brian’s life through this prism – which ultimately proves to be Brian’s dying memories – it allows us to play fast and loose with time and structure, reality and fantasy, and really get under his skin. It also offers us a glimpse of the Beatles phenomenon from Brian’s unique perspective, which has never been seen before.

Director Mat Whitecross

Producers Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, Simon Halfon, Fiona Neilson

Co-Producer Kevin Proctor

Executive Producers Jude Law, Perry Trevers

Starring Dennis Quaid (Ed Sullivan) , Dominic Cooper (Brian Epstein), Ben Schnetzer (John Lennon)

Sounds and interesting team working on the film.  More new when we get it!

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A Very Beatley May Day Holiday Weekend in London

May Day! May Day! A very Beatley holiday weekend for the Mayday Holiday weekend:

Friday 3rd May Beatles ‘Come Together’ Show at the Exchange Theatre, Twickenham…/cavern-beatles-present-…/

Saturday 5th May – The Analogues play the ‘White Album’ at the London Palladium

Sunday 6th May – Beatles 1 Day, Turks Head, Twickenham.

Of course I’ll be doing my London Beatles Walks all weekend too! Full details at

It’s turning into London Beatleweek!

‘I took the last ever shot of the Beatles – and they were miserable!’

‘George Harrison was miserable from frame one to frame 500,” says Ethan Russell. “He was so over it. I don’t think he did anything but scowl for three hours.” The photographer is recalling the day he unknowingly took the last ever shot of the Beatles together. It was 22 August 1969, and they were all at John Lennon’s countryside estate near Ascot.

“Paul was trying to hold it together,” he adds. “He had his arms crossed like, ‘Come on, lads!’ But the concept of the Beatles just didn’t sync with who they were any more. I could have asked them to smile, but it would have been totally fake and I’m glad I didn’t. This marriage had come to an end – and boy does it show.”

The fact that this hugely significant photograph isn’t even one of Russell’s best speaks volumes about his career. Over a prolific 10-year period that culminated in 1978, Russell shot the world’s biggest rock stars, usually at their most candid. He had a ringside seat at what’s often seen as rock’s golden era. Russell wasn’t just friends with Lennon and Yoko Ono, he knew their cat as well. And when pandemonium gripped 1969’s Altamont free concert, where a fan was killed as the Rolling Stones played, Russell was airlifted out with the band.

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Michael Jackson and George Harrison: Rare radio interview restored

Forty years ago, two of music’s biggest stars walked into BBC Radio 1 and sat down to review the week’s new releases.

Michael Jackson and George Harrison spent the next 90 minutes discussing singles by Foreigner, Nicolette Larson and The Blues Brothers, as well as the stories behind their own songs.

The BBC discarded the show, keeping only a short clip. But now a rare recording has been found and restored.

Excerpts will be broadcast in a special documentary this weekend.

Listeners will hear Jackson, just months before releasing Off The Wall, discuss how Motown refused to let him write his own music; while Harrison explains what it was like to work in the songwriting shadow of Lennon and McCartney.

At one point, Jackson turns to the former Beatle and says: “Let me ask you a question, did you guys always write your own stuff from the beginning?”

The guitarist replies: “Well, John and Paul wrote right from before we ever made a record.”

Jackson seems taken aback, asking: “How did you manage that?”

“I don’t know,” drawls Harrison. “They were clever little fellows.”

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How Peter Jackson’s new version of ‘Let It Be’ will shatter your view of The Beatles

The Lord Of The Rings director is set to release his own version of the classic Beatles film, documenting studio days Paul McCartney has described as “hell… the most miserable sessions on earth”

If we’ve learnt anything from reality TV, it’s that if you put cameras anywhere – a restaurant, an Ibiza rep pub crawl, a village bake off, even the most arse-scratching sofa telly sesh – the egos involved will explode. So put a film crew into the most hot-house environment outside of Theresa May’s emergency supplication lessons – The Beatles on the brink of collapse in Twickenham Film Studios, January 1969 – and it’s no surprise that tensions were amplified.

That’s what makes Let It Be project the one that the Beatles machine is most reluctant to revisit. After all, when you’re flicking through old pictures of a relationship, you tend to skip over the ones of the tense final meal that ended with the bill being rammed down your throat.

So fans are getting understandably excited by the news that Peter Jackson is set to direct a new version of the film from the 55 hours of original footage and 140 hours of audio recordings, including the 42 minute film of the band playing on the roof of Apple Corps, the original guerrilla gig. Unless he somehow contrives the notion that the Beatles split was down to in-fighting over some manner of magical ring, it promises to be the most revealing new Beatles project in decades. Here’s why…

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Hornby America is bringing a classic back. Since its initial release in 1969, the Corgi version of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine has been a sought-after toy for both die-cast and Beatles collectors alike. Following the 50th anniversary of The Yellow Submarine last year, Corgi re-issued the toy, complete with moveable hatches to reveal four original Beatles figures — John, Paul, George, and Ringo. There’s also a rotating periscope, which moves as the model is pushed along. Hornby America will offer it to North American collectors this summer.

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Sir Paul McCartney awarded Gold Blue Peter Badge

Music legend tells the programme he’s now “made it” but that he “doesn’t really know how” to write songs.

Sir Paul McCartney has sold over 700 million albums around the world as a solo artist, with his band Wings and as a member of the legendary group The Beatles, but declared to Blue Peter that he’s “made it” when the show presented him with a prestigious Gold Blue Peter Badge recently.

The music legend, who can be seen receiving his badge on Blue Peter this Thursday (7 February 2019) on CBBC at 5.30pm, also revealed to the show that he doesn’t really know how to write songs.

When Blue Peter presenter Lindsey asks him what advice he would give to young people who aspire to become musicians and songwriters, Sir Paul says: “The only advice really is to do it… a lot.

“I have a song-writing class and the first thing I say to them is, look, I don’t really know how to do this – and at first they kind of look at me, but when you think about it there is no formula.

“I know how to write one of my songs but I can’t say ‘you do it that way’, because it’s a very personal thing. So the advice really is to just do whatever it is you’re doing… a lot!”

Sir Paul, the most successful musician and composer in pop history, was awarded the coveted badge for inspiring generations of people with his music just ahead of performing to a sold-out crowd at The O2 arena in London on his Freshen Up tour.

A delighted Sir Paul says: “That is beautiful, that’s a great badge. I will wear it with great pride. Yes! I made it!”

The Gold Blue Peter Badge is the programme’s highest award, only a handful of which are presented each year to individuals who show great expertise in their chosen field; are considered to be role models; and who encourage and motivate children across many generations.

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PEPPERLAND Brings The Beatles to The Lowry

The Beatles’ ground-breaking 1967 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album is the inspiration behind Mark Morris Dance Group’s (MMDG) Pepperland, presented by Dance Consortium and making its The Lowry debut on 29 & 30 March 2019 as part of a major UK and Ireland tour.

Pepperland is legendary choreographer Mark Morris‘ unique tribute to the 50th anniversary of the release of the iconic LP. Hailed as the first-ever ‘art rock’ album and widely regarded as the best rock and roll album of all time, it spent 27 weeks at number one on the UK Albums Chart and 15 weeks at number one in the USA. It won four Grammy Awards in 1968, including Album of the Year, the first rock LP to receive the honour.

Mark Morris is renowned as an intensely musical choreographer and is undeviating in his devotion to music. The New York Times said Morris is the most successful and influential choreographer alive and indisputably the most musical . Since founding MMDG in 1980, he has created almost 150 works for the company, many of which are widely considered masterpieces.