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A museum dedicated to the Fab Four is expanding to open a new café and bar after enjoying a bumper first six months. The Magical Beatles Museum was opened in July and hopes the new facilities, together with the relocation of the Liverpool Tourist Information Centre to its Matthew Street building in November, will further boost visitor numbers.

The attraction was launched by Roag Best, brother of ‘fifth Beatle’ Pete Best, with support of a tailored funding package from Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking.

Having secured and renovated the five-story Victorian Warehouse where the museum is based, Best now hopes to boost visitors by at least 70 per cent over the next 12 months, creating 20 new jobs.

The concept takes visitors on an interactive tour of Beatles history, with Roag’s 1,200 item personal collection telling the story each step of the way. Rare finds on display include Pete Best’s drumkit, George Harrison’s Futurama guitar and John Lennon’s Sgt. Pepper medals.

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Paul McCartney, 76, cuts a casual figure as he touches down in St Barts on his private plane with wife Nancy Shevell, 59

Paul McCartney was putting on a casual display on Wednesday, as he exited his private plane after touching down in St Barts with wife Nancy Shevell.

The 76-year-old music legend looked to be in good spirits as he arrived for a tropical getaway with wife of seven years Nancy, 59.

As the couple headed to a waiting car, Nancy looked effortlessly chic in a blue printed tote bag and skinny jeans, hiding her eyes from the blazing sunshine as she prepared to relax in the sunshine.

Paul showed off his laid-back style as he arrived at the South American nation, sporting jeans and a jumper while shielding his eyes with round-framed sunglasses.

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Paul McCartney reveals he has reformed The Beatles in his dreams: ‘The other morning I was with George’

Have you ever dreamt of a Beatles reunion? You’re not the only one.

Paul McCartney has revealed that he has, in fact, reformed the iconic group in the past – in his dreams.

The 76-year-old musician told BBC Radio Scotland he “often” dreams of his former band mates John LennonGeorge Harrison, and Ringo Starr.

McCartney’s interview with Billy Sloan is scheduled to air on 29 December during an almost three-hour segment, but Sloan gave The Sunday Post a snippet of their conversation.

Sloan asked Harrison whether a Beatles reunion would have been in the works if Lennon and Harrison were still alive.

McCartney said it would have been “great to get The Beatles back together again”, adding: “But we can’t, so sadly, that’s not going to happen.”

He added a reunion would be “beautiful” if it were to occur “by some strange fluke”.

McCartney then explained that he still has dreams involving Lennon and Harrison, and thus still gets to revisit his Beatles life in his sleep.

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Paul McCartney Live in London – 2 Beatles and a Rolling Stone!

Wow! What a concert! Last night Paul McCartney played at the O2 in London, and was joined onstage by Ringo Starr and Ronnie Wood!!

Paul played in London for the first time in 4 years. In that time, his voice has deteriorated somewhat – but he still puts on an amazing show. For the first time, we took our daughter, Lilia, who has never seen a Beatle live before. Now she has seen 2 for the price of 1!

Our seats weren’t as good as previous shows here, but at least we were inside, many people were left disappointed as the concert sold out within minutes of going onsale.

Paul calls the tour ‘Freshen Up’ – and to some extent his show has been freshened up, but is largely similar to his previous tour. You can’t really expect more from a 76 year old – and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Paul got people on their feet right from the start but opening with A Hard Day’s Night. There was a huge cheer when Paul got onstage. As usual, Paul’s band was fabulous. They have been together now for around 16 years – Paul’s longest lasting band by far, including the Beatles.

In all, the Paul sang 40 songs and the gig lasted for 3 hours – and the quality was fabulous from start to finish. Paul’s shows are always very well put together, and this was no different. He started out on his famous Hoffner Violin Bass, before switching to lead guitar and then piano.

I’ve seen Paul live well over 30 times, and enjoyed them all, but this gig I enjoyed more than most as we were taking our 11 year old Daughter, Lilia, to her first gig by a Beatle. She really loved it and it was wonderful to see her enthusiasm.

The main set was brilliant, peppered with Beatles classics, but also songs from Egypt Station, which sounded great, even up against their more famous companions.

As usual, Paul ended the first part of the gig with an explosive Live and Let Die, and of course Hey Jude. It’s always great singing along with 20,000 other fans on the Na Na Na bits. After Hey Jude, many people around me decided to leave. Boy, did they miss a great encore! It started with Wonderful Christmas Time, with backing from the Capital Children’s Choir – with fake snow coming down on the audience. As the choir went off stage one way, an extra drum kit was wheeled in from the other. Paul then announced there would be a surprise, which even he didn’t know about until earlier that day. He then introduced Ronnie Wood onstage – and then Ringo!! Not surprisingly the roof raised at this point. They launched into a brilliant version of Get Back, with Ringo on drums and Ronnie on lead guitar. As Paul said himself, how do you top that? Well, he might not have topped it, but Paul then did a blistering performance of Helter Skelter, and finished with Golden Slumber, Carry That Weight, and The End. What a gig!

After the show though, our enjoyment of the evening was nearly ended by absolute chaos on London Underground, as trains stopped running just minutes after the concert ended, stranding more than 5000 people. Luckily, we got on one of the last trains, but it was absolutely packed. We managed to get home safely though, and I’ve still got a big grin on my face, remembering such a great night.

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Reflections on Seeing Paul McCartney in Concert

Over the years I’ve probably seen Paul McCartney live around 30-35 times. The first time was with Wings at Wembley Arena in December 1979. It was my first live sight of a Beatle, and Paul started his set with Got To Get You Into My Life – one of my all time favourite songs! I loved the show, but was surprised that the audience was quite subdued – I wasn’t.
I had a long wait for my second Macca show – but that was really special too. It was in July 1989 when Paul did a special ‘rehearsal’ concert at the Playhouse Theatre in London. Only about 3-400 people were there. It was the first time he’d done songs like ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ and ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ since the Beatles.
A few weeks later he did full ‘Dress Rehearsal’ show at Elstree Studios – and did Sgt Pepper, Hey Jude, Back in the USSR, the Abbey Road medley etc for the first time ever live! Me and my friend just stood like statues at the end, just amazed at what we’d seen.
When Paul’s world tour came to London, I saw him seven times at Wembley. I wasn’t going to go to so many, but friends visited from all over the world, and many offered me tickets, so I couldn’t refuse.
The highlight of that tour was of course Liverpool! A Beatle in Liverpool!! I thought it would never happen :>) That was the gig he did the John Lennon Medley, and every kept on singing ‘Give Peace a Change’ after Paul finished. Geoff Baker, Paul’s PR, said that was the best gig he’s seen Paul do, and I couldn’t argue.
As well as some really big shows, I’ve seen him and much smaller venues too. Two highlights being The Mean Fiddler, just after ‘Unplugged’ and the 100 Club in 2010. Both with only about 250 people with Paul in great form.
Another highlight was St Petersburg in 2004 – on my honeymoon with Irina :>) It was light for the whole concert, even though it ended at about Midnight.
So forward to 2018 – and we are taking our 11 year old daughter, Lilia, for her first Paul McCartney gig. I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed my first!
Here are some photos I took at past Macca concerts :>)

Paul McCartney at the 100 Club

Sir Paul McCartney interview: ‘When Donald Trump talked about climate change, he sounded like a mad man’

“Spider!” shouts Sir Paul McCartney.“Where?” I wonder, glancing around his candle-scented, comfortably furnished dressing room.

Can it be that even in the well-appointed backstage areas of the world’s highest-grossing concert tours — this one an army-on-the-march staffed by 120 musicians and crew — creepy-crawlies will upset the post-soundcheck calm?

But no. Ninety minutes before showtime at Liverpool’s Echo Arena, Macca is watching the US version of Family Fortunes. Having accompanied him on tour before, I know this is his pre-gig warm-up routine: trash TV. Two nights at Tokyo Dome wouldn’t have been nearly as rockin’ if the 700-million-album man hadn’t got in the zone by settling down to You’ve Been Framed.

“OK, answer this…” challenges McCartney. “Top thing: Spider… something. Man! It’s got to be. Everybody’s going to say Spider-Man,” he tuts with an “obvs” register to his voice.

I drag the 76-year-old’s attention away from the giant telly by complimenting him on a brilliant year — another one. Even a reported break-in at his St John’s Wood home, five days previously, can’t take the gloss off it. His 25th post-Beatles album, Egypt Station, earned his best reviews in yonks, and gave him his first American No 1 in 36 years. His Carpool Karaoke with James Corden — a funny, heartwarming trip back to Liverpool — has 36 million YouTube views and is Facebook’s most-viewed late-night TV clip ever.

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Sir Paul McCartney joins Noel Gallagher and Chris Martin at Mick Jagger’s party… just days after Beatles star’s £10million home is burgled

His £10million home was recently broken into just days before his homecoming gig in Liverpool.

Yet Sir Paul McCartney put the drama behind him as he joined the likes of Noel Gallagher and Chris Martin at Mick Jagger’s party on Thursday night in London.

The Beatles star, 76, cut a stylish figure for the evening celebrations as he represented his daughter Stella McCartney’s fashion label.

Paul wore a blue and white grandad collar shirt with a black shirt and an oversized dark parka jacket over the top with his child’s brand logo on it.

The singer appeared in good spirits as he smiled to photographers and made an ‘ok’ sign with his hands.

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Thieves break into Sir Paul McCartney’s £10million London home days before his homecoming gig

Police are investigating after thieves broke into Sir Paul McCartney’s £10million London home just days before his homecoming gig in London.

‘There were blue flashing lights and police everywhere — four or five cars,’ a local told the Daily Mail. ‘All the lights were on in the house. The police were all over it.’

A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirms that officers responded to a break-in at 6.20pm last Friday. ‘We attended and identified signs of forced entry,’ he said.

Paul McCartney rolled back the years to deliver a masterclass as he returned to Liverpool to launch his new UK tour – just days after his home was targeted by burglars in London

Sir Paul, 76, had performed in Austrian capital Vienna the night before.

His spokesman declines to say whether Sir Paul or his third wife, Nancy Shevell, were in London at the time the intruders struck.

But the incident will inevitably be a cause for concern to McCartney, who, say locals, does his utmost to live a normal life in London.

‘He walks around without a bodyguard, chats with people, walks in the park,’ says one. ‘But he does get people hanging around.

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REVIEW: Paul McCartney plays a storming home gig at the Echo Arena

It seems that in 2018 at least Paul McCartney’s homecoming gigs are like buses. You wait years for one to come along and then there are two – or three if you count his apparently impromptu jam at the Philharmonic Pub while filming Carpool Karaoke.

His last date in the city was his ‘secret gig’ at the Cavern club to just a couple of hundred lucky free ticket holders.

Tonight’s full house at the Echo Arena may have been a less exclusive event in numbers at least but it was every bit as special to his crowd of fans.

McCartney is equally at home in both extremes – intimate club or stadium – and tonight’s venue somewhere in the middle.

By the time he and his excellent band came on stage, the crowd was already in the party mood thanks to a clever film merging pictures of his life with Escheresque buildings scrolling down the screens at either side, and a thumping soundtrack of his own songs in the run up.

And it seemed to be a significant night for the ex-Beatle too as his voice was tinged with emotion as he addressed the crowd.

“We go all around the world and it’s great to back home,” he said.

Later he added: “I could spend the whole evening just chatting to you, but I won’t. We’ll play some music.

“Imagine – all the memories come flooding back.”

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