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The Beatles Release New ‘Glass Onion’ Music Video Exclusively On Apple Music

Full of surprises and featuring rare photos and footage from The Beatles’ vault, the ‘Glass Onion’ music video takes fans on a journey into the creation of the pull-out poster from the ‘White Album.’ Working closely with Apple Corps Ltd., the video is produced by Richard Barnett and Layla Atkinson of Trunk Animation, and directed by Trunk’s director team Alasdair+Jock, who painstakingly reconstructed and vividly animated the original poster’s montage. The poster, created by ‘White Album’ art director Richard Hamilton along with Paul McCartney, was built on an easel at Hamilton’s north London studio, using images supplied by each of the individual Beatles.

The ‘Glass Onion’ video presents treats along the way for fans to discover: clever animation, photo styling, and well-matched footage add movement and depth to the poster’s original imagery; a little yellow submarine is revealed in Paul McCartney’s bubble bath photo; Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD. pops up from the Sea of Holes; an American flag pencil moves in eraser-first, representing U.S. censorship of the poster’s nude John Lennon and Yoko Ono drawing and much more.

On 9 November, The Beatles will release a suite of lavishly presented ‘White Album’ packages (Apple Corps Ltd./Capitol/UMe). The album’s 30 tracks are newly mixed by producer Giles Martin and mix engineer Sam Okell in stereo and 5.1 surround audio, joined by 27 early acoustic demos and 50 session takes, most of which are previously unreleased in any form.

The BEATLES ‘(White Album’) is released on 9 November. Pre-order the box set here.

Artists Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles’ White Album In Major Exhibition at Soho Contemporary Art

They are coming from across the pond and across the country to strut their stuff, show their art and pay homage to the last music the Beatles created as a group – The White Album. It’s fifty years later and the music still sings like yesterday.

And these are not just any artists – these are celebrated artists in their own right. Painters such as Shannon MacDonald, painter extraordinaire and designated World’s Greatest Beatles Artist by none other than the Lord Mayor of Liverpool; Tom Murray’s legendary The Mad Day: Summer of 68 photographs taken in London in 1968; Rob Shanahan, known as the photographer to the stars of rock; German Pop artist Michel Friess the painter who loves to celebrate American iconic brands such as Mickey Mouse and Campbell’s Soup cans; sculptor Andrew Edwards whose 8 foot bronze sculptures of the Beatles leaving Liverpool are a major attraction even for Paul McCartney and James Corden; and lastly a real Beatle’s art work, namely Ringo Starr.

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Japanese superfans lose court fight for Beatles footage

It’s been a hard day’s fight, but a group of Japanese Beatles fans have lost their bid to get police to hand over historic footage of the band’s 1966 Japan visit.

The superfans took their battle for the film – recorded by police as a security measure – all the way to Japan’s supreme court, arguing the images were a “historical document.”

Police had offered to release the footage, reportedly about 35 minutes long, but only after blurring the faces of everyone in the film except the Beatles, citing privacy reasons.

Two lower courts backed the police against a group of citizens from Nagoya who wanted the entire film released uncensored, saying it would be almost impossible to identify people in the footage more than 50 years later.

But the long and winding legal battle ended last week when the supreme court rejected their argument, the group announced.

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Paul McCartney, 76, and his wife Nancy Shevell, 58, rock matching kimonos as they arrive in Japan

He’s about to embark on his Freshen Up tour, which kicks off in Tokyo this week.

And Sir Paul McCartney, 76, was supported by his wife Nancy Shevell, 58, as he touched down in Japan on Monday, causing a stir as they landed at Haneda airport.

The couple – who tied the knot in 2011 – were sporting matching kimonos, embracing the local customs.

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Paul and Nancy in Japan today

Celebrating KTTV’s 70 Years: The Beatles & Jesus

 – KTTV is about to celebrate its 70th birthday! That’s right, our station hit the air in January of 1949 and we’ve been cranking out all kinds of news stories ever since. To celebrate we are digging out 70 stories from our massive Channel 11 archive!

These stories will first air Friday nights on the 10 pm news. Our first story is one in which our reporter at the Capitol Records building in Hollywood got a one-on-one interview with John Lennon.

It’s old film from 1966 of John, Paul, George and Ringo addressing  that controversy they triggered when John said the Beatles were… “more popular than Jesus.”

Chris Carter, who has Beatles shows on KLOS Radio and SiriusXM, talks us through what happened back then!

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Stormzy reflects on ‘incredible’ piano lesson from ‘OG’ Sir Paul McCartney

However, the duo appeared to hit it off when the 25-year-old rapper asked Paul to teach him something – and that ‘something’ turned out to be how to play any song on the piano. Seriously – any song! Chatting to the Sunday Times, Stormzy reflected on his time with The Beatles star and revealed what the pair got up to when they first met. He said: ‘I was just so compelled, in the presence of someone that great, to get advice – anything for my career an OG like him can give me.

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‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Player Recreates Iconic Beatles Abbey Road Album Cover

Everyone and their brother’s turtle’s mother might be talking about Red Dead Redemption 2 right now, but there’s still a ton of gamers playing and enjoying Marvel’s Spider-Man, the big game on the block before Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 showed up.

And if there’s one thing Marvel’s Spider-Man has that most games this year don’t: it’s a large audience that is both super passionate and creative. And even a month later, stuff is still trickling out from it.

The latest comes courtesy of a Reddit user by the name of “englishdinnertea,” who, using the UK suit, recreated the classic Beatles Abbey Road album cover.

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Paul McCartney praises ‘modern’ White Album

The Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney thinks the ‘White Album’ sounds like a record by a “modern band”, according to the producer’s son Giles Martin

Sir Paul McCartney thinks the ‘White Album’ sounds like a record by a “modern band”.

The legendary musician listened back to The Beatles’ iconic album while preparing for the new reissue, and he told the son of the famed ‘fifth Beatle’ Sir George Martin how contemporary it still feels.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper at the Abbey Road studio, Giles Martin revealed: “The last person to sit right there with me was Paul McCartney.

“We listened to The White Album mix and Paul said, ‘I never realised how modern this record sounds. This could be a band today.’ ”

The new project has seen the record’s 30 tracks becoming a staggering 107 tracks for the latest collection, and it sounded like Paul, 76, took the chance to reflect while he was going through the original LP.

Giles added: “When I went through The White Album with Paul recently, he really wanted to hear the song Julia again.

“I always thought it was just a John song but now I think Paul was kind of producing it.

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Beatlemania hits Newcastle 55 years ago as fans queue for City Hall concert tickets

It was 1963 and a new phenomenon was sweeping Britain.

Beatlemania perhaps seems rather quaint in 2018, but 55 years ago the great and good of the Establishment were horrified at the mass hysteria affecting teenagers.

Out went the traditional British stiff upper lip – and in came screaming fans acting hysterically at the sight and sound of the Liverpool pop group.

In 1963, The Beatles were on their way to global superstardom.

The Fab Four embarked on four UK tours that year, and by the time these fans began queuing for concert tickets, the band had enjoyed hits with Love Me Do, Please Please Me, and then two earth-shattering number ones – She Loves You and I Want To Hold Your Hand.

Our photograph, from this week five and a half decades ago, shows some of the thousands of young fans who descended on central Newcastle to queue for tickets for The Beatles’ two shows at the City Hall on November 23.

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