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New Podcast with Paul McCartney

Marc Maron of WTF talks with Paul McCartney about, well, a lot: The Beatles and Stones rivalry that wasn’t, his current relationship with Ringo, the influence of Little Richard, The Who, The Beach Boys, how he needs to have an out-of-body experience to really examine the Beatles legacy, the reception of his solo work after the Beatles, recording Band on the Run in Nigeria, what messages are in his songs, which songs still make him emotional when he performs them, and what he brought to the table for his latest album, Egypt Station.

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Paul McCartney To Livestream Special New York Concert

Paul To Livestream Special New York Concert This Friday 7th September on YouTube

Over the last days, Paul has been teasing fans and hinting at something coming this week in New York City. Today he confirms he will be joining forces with YouTube Originals to livestream a secret concert via his channel this coming Friday 7th September to celebrate the release of his new album Egypt Station.

Fans will be able to tune in to watch Paul perform tracks from Egypt Station along with Beatles, Wings and solo classics from 8:00pm (ET). The venue is still to be confirmed.

Paul McCartney Opens Up to Howard Stern About Beatles, John and Yoko, New Album

While it was far from raunchy, Paul McCartney’s interview on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show Wednesday morning did find the former Beatle in a revealing mood.

Over the course of the 90-minute chat, the two talked quite a bit about McCartney’s days with the Beatles. Early on, Stern, who seemed a bit starstruck, discussed the long-running debates about who wrote which Lennon-McCartney song.

“I know exactly what you mean, and it does get to be a total piss-off sometimes,” McCartney said. “But then, they’re still talking about me.”

Stern asked whether it bothered him early on that other groups copied the Beatles. “We didn’t mind at all,” McCartney replied. “It was kind of amusing and very flattering. I remember with the Hollies — they were from Manchester. We were from Liverpool. A bit of a rivalry. We played Manchester one day in very early Beatles days and we would travel half an hour to play there. And we had the look. And there were a couple of kind of young guys in the audience, who said, ‘Hello, we’re in a group. We’re the Hollies.’ ‘Hey, how ya doin’, boys,’ you know, patting them on the head. ‘Great, good look.’ And we went back the next week … ‘

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How a Beatles song written in India made Nike a billion-dollar brand

Fifty years ago the Beatles released a single that sold over 8 million copies–their highest selling 45rpm–”Hey Jude.” While “Hey Jude” made the greater impression, it was the B-side—”Revolution”—in which John Lennon addressed the global political upheaval of 1968that has the more interesting story. Rare as it was for a pop song to address politics, the message in Revolution attracted fierce resentment within the radical left before re-appearing in 1987 in one of the most seminal and ground breaking advertisements ever made.

Lennon wrote “Revolution” in India where the Beatles were meditating with the Maharishi while the Vietnam War and Chinese Cultural Revolution raged on. There was a major riot in London and Paris was brought to the brink of another revolution in May of that year.

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Can’t buy me love: ex-Paul McCartney Mini sells for £182,000

Ever wanted to drive a Mini once owned by a member of The Beatles? Well, you’re too late: this Radford-modified example originally owned by Paul McCartney has just sold for more than £182,000.

The car was offered without reserve at the Auburn Auction held by Worldwide Auctioneers on Saturday 1 September. It was presented in spectacular condition, having undergone a comprehensive restoration in 2001.

The Mini, along with three other Radford conversions, was originally ordered by the Beatles’ band manager, Brian Epstein. The McCartney car was right-hand drive and finished in California Sage Green. Modifications included twin driving lamps, a Webasto sliding sunroof, Aston Martin taillights and custom wheels.

On the inside, power windows, a custom three-spoke wooden steering wheel, woodgrain interior pieces, bucket seats and Smiths instruments completed the package. Radford were the kings of tarting up Minis, with a rich history of luxury car coachbuilding. GGJ 382C was the ultimate rock star’s urban runaround.

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Kolya Vasin: Russian fan who gave the Beatles all his loving

A Russian whose love of the Beatles led him to turn his flat into a “Fab Four” museum has died in St Petersburg.

Russians knew Kolya Vasin as the Beatles’ biggest fan during Soviet times, when the communist authorities saw western rock music as subversive.

Vasin, who died aged 73, began collecting Beatles albums and memorabilia in the 1960s. He treasured a record – Live Peace in Toronto 1969 – signed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

The Beatles had many fans in the USSR.

On Facebook one of Vasin’s friends, Nick Barabanov, wrote that Nikolai (Kolya) Vasin had “gone to join John Lennon and George Harrison. May they have a happy and bright time there!”

He died in a fall at a St Petersburg shopping centre on 29 August.

For more than 50 years the Beatles dominated Vasin’s life. He dreamed of dedicating a “shrine of love” in St Petersburg to John Lennon but the project was never realised, even though city officials found a suitable site for it. Many fans supported the shrine idea.

When asked why he had allowed the Beatles to take over his life he replied that having children would not have equalled the joy and love that the Liverpool band had given him.

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September 4th 1962 – the Beatles Record ‘Love Me Do’ at EMI Studios, Abbey Road

On September 4th 1962 The Beatles recorded their first single, Love Me Do, at EMI Studios, Abbey Road.

They had first been to the Studios on June 6th 1962, for their first recording session, but nothing from that session was deemed fit to release as the Beatles first single, even though they did record a version of Love Me Do. It was also the first time George Martin and seen them in person, and he wasn’t keen on the drumming of Pete Best. George thought he wasn’t up to drumming on record, and would have a session drummer playing instead. This meant no sense to the Beatles, and decided to replace Pete with Ringo Starr.

In the morning on September 4th the group had flown down from Liverpool Airport. They checked into The Royal Court Hotel in Sloane Square, Chelsea, and arrived at Abbey Road shortly after midday.

Prior to the recording session The Beatles undertook a rehearsal, overseen by EMI’s Ron Richards, during which they repeatedly ran through six songs. Two of these – Love Me Do and How Do You Do It – were chosen to be recorded by the group. Ringo Starr has just replaced the sacked Pete Best, and was keen to impress. However, during this rehearsal, he tried too hard, and made a real hash of his drumming, which had big consequences for him later on.

The rehearsal lasted between 2pm and 5pm. During it they also played a slower, bluesy version of Please Please Me, which featured George Harrison playing the main motif throughout the song.

Between 5pm and 7pm George Martin took The Beatles and Neil Aspinall for spaghetti at the Alpino restaurant on Marylebone High Street, and impressed them with tales of his recording sessions with Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan.

The recording session began at 7pm. How Do You Do It had been selected by Martin to be The Beatles’ debut single. The group had been sent an acetate demo of the song, written by songwriter Mitch Murray, which had been recorded earlier in 1962 by Barry Mason and the Dave Clark Five at London’s Regent Sound Studios in Denmark Street.

The Beatles rearranged the song to suit their R&B leanings, replacing much of the carefree bounciness of the original demo. However, the Beatles hated the song, and wanted to do Love Me Do instead. You can tell from every note the Beatles played how much they didn’t want to record it.

Finally, the Beatles began work on Love Me Do, laying down the backing track in around 15 takes. After this the vocals were overdubbed. Paul McCartney was unexpectedly given the vocal spotlight in the chorus, after Martin told the group that John Lennon couldn’t play harmonica and sing at the same time.

Around 17 takes were recorded, and the session over-ran by an hour.

Also present during the September 4th recording session was photographer Dezo Hoffman, who took any pictures of the Beatles what became a very historic day. George Harrison is mainly seen in profile, as just before the session, George was given a black eye by a fan at the Cavern Club. However, in some pictures, George’s shiner is clearly visible!

Even after such a long day in the studio, George Martin still wasn’t happy, and the Beatles had to return to the Studio on September 11th to record Love Me Do all over again. This time, George Martin wasn’t going to take any chances with the drumming, and session musician Andy White played drums, while Ringo was given a tambourine to bang, something he never really forgave George Martin for! However, Ringo played tambourine so loudly, it’s hard to hear Andy Whites drumming!

So, there are 3 different versions of Love Me Do released, with 3 different drummers! The Pete Best version is on Anthology One, the Ringo version was on the first single release (funny how this version was chosen, and not the Andy White one!) and Andy White is on the version of the Please Please Me Album.

The different version have caused much confusion over the years. In 2012 EMI planned re-release Love Me Do on it’s 50th anniversary, with an exact replica of the recordings and cover. However, they used the Andy White version by mistake. Thousands of copies of the single had to be send back and thrown away, while the correct version was released! I kept my copy :>)

We go to Abbey Road on my London Beatles Walks – for more info see

Below – photos taken of the Beatles at the September 4th 1962 session

Yoko Ono, Ringo Starr & Jeff Bridges Come Together For John Lennon Educational Tour Bus

Come Together NYC starts 13 Sept, 10am at NY City Hall with a ‘Bed-In’ featuring Ringo Starr, Jeff Bridges, Henry Diltz, Bill de Blasio & Corey Johnson.

Presented by Other World Computing, the Lennon Bus’ annual NYC residency will celebrate student activism and peace with Bed-In at City Hall co-hosted by Sleep Club

Yoko Ono has announced the return to New York City of The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus (Lennon Bus) presented by Other World Computing (OWC), the premier non-profit 501(c)(3) state-of-the-art mobile production facility that provides hands-on creative experiences to students of all ages.

The Lennon Bus will visit the city for the launch of the fifth annual Come Together NYC residency on September 13. In keeping with this year’s theme of “activism”, the event will kick off at 10:00 a.m. from the steps of New York City Hall with a “Bed-In” featuring Ringo Starr, Jeff Bridges, iconic rock photographer Henry Diltz, Mayor Bill de Blasio, and Speaker of the NYC Council Corey Johnson. The group will come together to inspire student activism in honor of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s legendary non-violent protests in support of world peace.


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