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‘It’s an incredible day for me to finally go to bed with Yoko’: Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and Jeff Bridges recreate 1969 ‘bed-in’ Vietnam War protests to support New York City public schools

  • John Lennon’s former bandmate and his widow were joined outside City Hall by actor Jeff Bridges, Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson
  • The stunt was part of a Beatles-themed ‘bed-in,’ inspired by Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s famed Vietnam War protests in 1969
  • Starr quipped: ‘It’s an incredible day for me to finally go to bed with Yoko’
  • It was part of the fifth annual ‘Come Together: NYC’ event, which marked the return of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus 
  • The mobile production studio provides audio, video, digital media and broadcast experiences to students of all ages 

New Yorkers walking past City Hall in Manhattan this morning were treated to an unusual sight: former Beatles drummer and newly-minted knight Ringo Starr laying in an oversize bed with John Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, and ‘the Dude’ from The Big Lebowski.

The stunt was part of a Beatles-themed ‘bed-in,’ inspired by Ono and Lennon’s famed Vietnam War protests in 1969, to support New York City public schools.

Lennon’s former bandmate Starr, whose real name is Richard Starkey, and Ono were joined on the steps of City Hall by actor Jeff Bridges, Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson.

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Paul McCartney on handling crowds, and why he calls Donald Trump “the mad captain”

“I’ll just be a couple of seconds, I’ve got a patient in here,” says Sir Paul McCartney, poking his head round his office door.

He disappears again, leaving you to nervously scan the books in the waiting room – three dictionaries, some Taschen art folios, a few dozen Beatles reference works and a surprising number of Jamie Oliver cook books.

Minutes later Sir Paul reappears, ushering out his “patient”, who turns out to be one of the many assistants at his plush, five-storey office in Soho.

“Take the pills three times a day,” he quips. “You might feel a little drowsy at first.”

As he beckons you in, the star begins fussing around the room, making small talk (“You’re from Belfast? I thought I detected that lovely little accent”) and straightening up his picture frames.

“Slight obsession,” he says. “What do they call it? Obsessive compulsive disorder. Disorder! I think it’s the opposite. I think it’s order.”

All this kerfuffle is designed to put you at ease.

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George Harrison’s Beatles guitar sells for £347,000

A guitar used by George Harrison at the Beatles’ last appearance at Liverpool’s Cavern Club has been sold at auction for almost £350,000.

The Maton Mastersound MS-500 was played on stage at several shows during July and August 1963.

The guitar used by Bee Gee Maurice Gibb to compose the band’s first disco hit, Jive Talkin’, was also sold for £8,680.

Luke Hobbs, from Gardiner Houlgate auctioneers in Wiltshire, said the sale of Harrison’s guitar was “fantastic”.

It was bought for £347,200 including buyers fees by a collector from overseas, at the sale of guitars and music memorabilia.

Mr Hobbs said the Australian-made guitar was used by Harrison after he had originally borrowed it from a guitar shop in Manchester while his own Gretsch guitar was being repaired.

“There are photographs of him playing it live on stage,” he said.

“The most poignant (show) being the last ever Cavern show the Beatles did, because it was the rise of Beatlemania and they outgrew the venue.”

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What is Paul Signing?

From my collection: A photo I took of Paul McCartney, signing an autograph outside of AIR Studios in Oxford Street circa 1984. I’m not sure what he is signing, but he didn’t seem to like it very much!

What do you think it could be? Funny photo captions please :>) I’ll publish the best. 

Paul McCartney’s ‘Sex Secrets’?

The gutter press have gone overboard today over some quotes from Paul McCartney’s GQ interview, in which he said that he and John Lennon used to masturbate together.

Of course the press, who have very short memories, have taken these as major revelations – but Paul first mentioned this in the book ‘Paul McCartney Many Years From Now’. In fact it goes back further than this, – all was revealed by Pete Shotton in his book ‘John Lennon – In My Life’.

Oh well, Paul gets more column inches in the press – which sells more CDs :>)

Singalong to Imagine to Break a World Record – October 9th, London

Please share our ‘Imagine’ singalong Guinness World Record attempt in London. To create awareness for humanity and to celebrate John Lennon’s birthday on 9th October 2018.
John Lennon experience by Jimmy Coburn from (Cavern Club Beatles) will be singing Imagine with us and performing a concert after the event by singing many John Lennon & Beatles songs.
To break the record we need over 72+ people from different Nationalities.
We Can Work It Out and Come Together as one.
Register now: