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Sony/ATV seeks dismissal of latest case over Beatles concert documentary

Sony/ATV has asked a New York court to dismiss the latest legal battle in relation to a documentary film about the first ever Beatles concert Stateside.

This dispute goes back years, when in 2013 a company called Ace Arts sued the Sony music publisher for going back on a provisional agreement to license the use of certain songs in its documentary. Said doc features footage of the fab four’s first ever US concert in Washington in 1964 in which they perform songs controlled by Sony/ATV.

Ace Arts said that Sony/ATV had agreed to provide a licence to allow those songs to be featured in the documentary, but then withdrew that licence citing a clause that said the deal was subject to the approval of Beatles company Apple Corps. Ace Arts alleged that the licence was withdrawn because Apple and Sony had decided to collaborate on their own documentary about the Washington show.

While that lawsuit went through the motions in the US, another legal battle in relation to the use of the Beatles footage in the Ace Arts documentary went before the High Court in the UK in 2015. Sony and Apple won that case, resulting in the music publisher requesting that the US action be dismissed. Which it subsequently was.

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Sir Paul McCartney announces first UK live dates in over three years – here’s how you can get tickets

Paul McCartney’s Freshen Up Tour Dates

  • December 12 – Liverpool’s Echo Arena
  • December 14 – The SSE Hydro in Glasgow
  • December 16 – London’s O2 Arena

Full ticket details are now on Paul’s official site at


Former Beatle, Paul McCartney has announced his first UK live dates in three years to delight of many fans.

The 76 year old living legend will perform a number of UK cities as part of his Freshen Up tour, which is set to be his first tour following the release of new studio album ‘Egypt Station’ on September 7.

McCartney said: “There’s nothing like performing in front of your home crowd, especially when it’s been a while. I can’t wait to finish the year on such a high by partying in Liverpool, Glasgow and London.”

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Paul McCartney to Play in Liverpool??

Liverpool’s Echo Arena’s cryptic tweets have internet wondering if a big announcement is coming.

The Echo Arena has been sending out some very cryptic tweets today which have left a lot of music fans scratching their heads.

This morning the arena shared a photograph of the Eleanor Rigby statue on Stanley Street with a very familiar looking bass next to it and the caption “Who is it for?”.

Another two tweets were published this afternoon showing the same distinctive bass in different locations across the city.

The photographs are posted alongside the captions of, when I saw her standing there’ and ‘you know I feel alright’.


Meeting Paul McCartney – with Dalia Pinkus

On 27th May 1997 I was doing my London Beatles Walk as usual. I was with my group at the Abbey Road crossing when I saw Paul McCartney’s car coming up the road. Ironically, I was in the middle of the ‘Paul is dead’ story and said to my group – if you run to Abbey Road Studios now, you will see that Paul is very much still alive! I guessed that was where he was heading, and we saw him go into the studios. That was very exciting!

On the tour that day was a very nice lady from Israel called Dalia. She was a massive Beatles fan. We had a long chat and  decided we would wait around until he came out. It was Dalia’s life long wish to meet him, and even though I had met him several times, I thought I would wait with her. We were the only fans there. I found out later that Paul was doing a series of interviews that day for VH1 and for a documentary on the history of Abbey Road Studios. We waited for about 4 hours, but the time went really quickly, because Dalia was such good company, and we spent the time telling our favourite stories of the Beatles.

Finally, Paul emerged from the front entrance of Abbey Road Studios, and Dalia and I asked if we could come over to speak to him, and he agreed. During my Beatles Walk, I had said that Linda McCartney’s background was Jewish, and the original family name of the Eastman’s was Epstein. Dalia asked Paul about this, and Paul told us the story how Linda’s family had fled from Russia due to the persecution of the Jews, and went to America. On arriving in the US, they decided to change their name to a more American name, and chose Eastman. ‘But I really married an Epstein’, joked Paul!  It is a myth that the family were a part of Eastman Kodak. It was very moving hearing this story from Paul himself, at a time when Linda was ill with breast cancer. Linda passed away less than a year later. 

Paul also told us of how the Beatles were due to play in Israel in 1964, but the Israeli government banned them, as they would ‘corrupt Israeli youth’. Paul remarked ‘Yes, we probably would have done’.

Dalia’s big wish was to get her photo taken with Paul, so I took her picture,and she took one of me with Paul.

Dalia and I kept in contact for a few months, swapping our photos and memories of that magical day. Unfortunately we lost contact when my wife, Esther, was diagnosed with breast cancer, and passed away in December 2000.

I have just heard today that Dalia died from breast cancer in 2013. Another amazing person struck down by this horrible disease.

RIP Dalia.

A newspaper article about Dalia’s meeting with Paul
Richard Porter with Paul McCartney – photo by Dahlia Pincus


Paul McCartney’s Producer Greg Kurstin Breaks Down ‘Egypt Station’

Paul McCartney cut most of his new album, Egypt Station, in Los Angeles and Sussex, England, but for the finishing touches, there was only one place to go: Abbey Road in London. For producer Greg Kurstin, stepping into the studio where the Beatles recorded the vast majority of their music was an overwhelming experience. “I was pinching myself constantly,” he says. “The Mrs Mills piano [a 1905 Steinway Vertegrand] that they used on so many Beatles cuts was in the corner. At one point he played ‘Lady Madonna’ on it in the hallway and everyone gathered around.”

The impromptu hallway performance was just one of many surreal moments Kurstin – who has worked with everyone from Adele to Beck and Foo Fighters – had during the two-year period it took to record Egypt Station, which comes out September 7th. He phoned up Rolling Stone to talk about his childhood love of the Beatles, his first meeting with McCartney and how he wound up producing the LP. He also reveals new information about many of the songs they created together.

Were you a big Beatles fan as a teenager?
Yeah, definitely. The Beatles are a band I’ve always loved. There was so much variety there and the music was so complex. With the Beatles and the Beach Boys, there was so much more going on than with the other music I was listening to. There would be a rock song and then something referencing some sort of older music, like a jazz-influenced thing or early English pop music. The complexity of their music always appealed to me.

What was your favorite Beatles album back then?
Revolver has always been the one I’ve gone back to. At different phases of my life I’ll listen to different Beatles albums, but Revolver is the one I really loved and kept returning to.

Let’s flash forward. How did you first meet Paul McCartney?
We did a session together for this film. I’m still not sure if it’s happening or not, but we spent one day live in the studio with a full band, a brass section, background singers and everything for this song that Paul had written for an animated film. I don’t know what the status of it is, but I think it was a trial for Paul and me. I think he wanted to see what it was like working with me. That was the first time.

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Paul Announces First Dates of New Tour


September 17: Quebec City, QC – the Videotron Centre
September 20: Montreal, QC – Bell Centre
September 28 – Winnipeg, MB – Bell MTS Place
September 30 – Edmonton, AB – Rogers Place


“We’ve always had such a fantastic time playing shows in Canada. We can’t wait to return in September for what should be another special run of shows.  We are looking forward to freshening up our show and playing some of our songs from the new album alongside those songs we know you like to hear.  Get ready to rock Canada!” – Paul


Register for Canada presale tickets by clicking HERE …

Registration for the Paul McCartney Presale powered by Ticketmaster Verified Fan will close Sunday 8th July @ 10 PM ET. If verified and selected, you will receive your code via text message, two (2) hours before your Verified Fan presale begins. Presale tickets will begin to be available on Tuesday, July 10 at 10 AM local time. Due to the limited quantity of tickets, they will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Paul will make his eagerly anticipated return to the road with his new #FreshenUpTour. Four confirmed dates were announced this morning, marking Paul’s first series of live dates since the ‘One On One’ tour that played to some two million fans over the course of 2016 and 2017.

The ‘Freshen Up’ tour will also be Paul’s first outing following the release of his brand new studio album, Egypt Station, out September 7th on Capitol Records.

‘Freshen Up’ will begin September 17th at the Videotron Centre in Québec, Paul’s first show in the Canadian capital since his 2013 stop at the Plains of Abraham on the ‘Out There’ tour. From there, Paul will visit Montreal for the first time since the ‘On The Run’ tour in 2011 to play the Bell Centre on September 20th, before returning to Winnipeg September 28th to play Bell MTS Place, his first performance in the capital of Manitoba since 2013. ‘Freshen Up’s’ Canadian itinerary will conclude with a visit to a final Canadian capital city, Edmonton, Alberta, for a September 30th show at Rogers Place—Paul’s first appearance in the city since 2012.

American Express® Card Members can purchase tickets before the general public. The American Express® presale begins Tuesday, July 10 starting at 10am local time through Thursday, July 12 at 10pm local time. Tickets will go on sale to the general public on Friday, July 13 at 10am local time.

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Roy Carr

I am very sorry to hear of the passing of Roy Carr. Along with Tony Tyler, he wrote the first Beatles book I ever owned ‘The Beatles – An Illustrated Record. First published in 1975, it was an LP sized book that reviewed all the Beatles and solo albums released until that point.

For many people like me who got into the Beatles in the 1970s, their first Beatles records were the Red and Blue albums, and their first book, the Beatles Illustrated Record. It was a very informative, entertaining read. I didn’t always agree with their opinions, but I suppose that was part of the fun.

Roy was the editor of NME, and also wrote similar books on The Rolling Stones and David Bowie.


July 2nd 1963 Remembering the Beatles’ Greatest BBC Session

On a 1963 episode of their ‘Pop Goes the Beatles show,’ the group covered their idols and showed that they were ready to surpass them

There always comes a time when the learner tries to compete with, and become, the master. It happened with Van Gogh and Millet, Beethoven and Mozart, Kobe and MJ, Darth Vader and Obi-Wan.

It happened with the Beatles on July 2nd, 1963, at London’s Maida Vale Studio, where the band were taping their fifth installment for the BBC of their Pop Goes the Beatles radio series. The Beatles were deep into their tenure as BBC regulars at this point. They would field requests mailed in from fans, blast through a raft of covers, some of which they’d never return to again, work in originals from their own burgeoning catalogue, and joke with the presenter, and, of course, themselves. It was a band as human jukebox, capable of excelling in all styles, while also dishing out that particular brand of Beatle-y jocosity.

Between March of 1962 and May of 1965, the Beatles cut 52 BBC sessions, with the vast majority occurring during 1963, the year of their ascent, when their first two LPs, and a brace of early career-defining singles – “She Loves You” and “I Want to Hold Your Hand” chief among them – marked the band as entrants in a contest that had dated back to 1954, when Elvis released his first Sun sides, to determine the reigning gods of rock & roll.

But the session they taped on July 2nd, subsequently broadcast on the BBC’s Light Programme two weeks later, is unlike any other BBC session, the Beatles in their Janus moment of greatest potency. This was when the Beatles pulled even with their heroes, and then surpassed them.

The band started rehearing at 6:30 at night, recording commencing shortly thereafter, the session wrapping at half past nine. The broadcast begins with a cover of Elvis’ “That’s All Right (Mama),” with Paul McCartney on lead vocals. It’s difficult now to overstate how risky a venture this could be, an English band taking on the King. And not just the King, but the King at his apogee.

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[bloggers note – this is a great article about an amazing Beatles session. Even more amazing as is was just a day after the Beatles had recorded ‘She Loves You’ at Abbey Road!]