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Paul McCartney on Carpool Karaoke – Exclusive First Look!!

I’ve just got back from the recording of James Corden’s ‘Late Late Show’ – at which they played the recording of Paul McCartney’s ‘Carpool Karoake’.

James Corden is seen in his car on the telephone – saying to someone ‘Help, I need somebody, not just anybody, won’t you please please help me. Paul McCartney then gets in beside him, and after introductions etc they sing ‘Drive My Car’. A highlight is when they sing ‘Let it Be’ and Paul tells the story of how his dead Mum came to him in a dream when Paul was feeling down, and telling him to ‘Let it Be’. James Corden says it was his grandfather’s favourite song, and would be very moved if he saw him and Paul in the car, singing it. Paul says, ‘He is here’. It is a very moving moment.

Paul is seen signing the ‘Penny Lane’ street sign, by the ‘shelter in the middle of the roundabout’, and going into Tony Slavin’s barber shop, and the Penny Lane flower shop. Another great moment is Paul going into Forthlin Road, his old house. He tells of the songwriting sessions he had with John there, and how he played She Love You to his dad, who said to him ‘ Why can’t you sing ‘She Loves You, yes, yes, yes. Paul is seen singing in ‘the bog’ (English slang for toilet) because that has the best acoustics in the house. He also plays and sings ‘When I’m 64’ on the front room piano.

The climax is James Corden suggesting that Paul plays in a pub, where he used to go before the Beatles are famous. James Corden is seen going into the Philharmonic, and suggesting a girl puts on a Beatles song on the jukebox. At that moment, a curtain draws back, and Paul and the band launch into ‘A Hard Day’s Night’. Slightly disappointingly, only parts of each song are shown from the Philharmonic, and strangely none of  his new single ‘Come on to Me’ – which was performed there. However, Paul and James Corden did sing part of it in the car section.

Not surprisingly, the climax of the piece is Paul, James Corden, and the band singing Hey Jude in the ‘Phil’.

I was hoping Paul might make an appearance at the recording, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

Musical guests were the Foo Fighters, and Dave Grohl told stories of jamming with Paul.

The Late Late Show goes out on US TV in the early hours of Friday morning, and on Sky One in the UK on Friday evening.


Paul McCartney to give some ‘Little Gigs’ in July!

Paul McCartney has been giving a series of interviews to promote his new single. In one of them he says,  “I enjoy it so we’re going to do some little gigs in July. Don’t know what those are going to be yet. Note to self, must try and figure it out ‘cause they’re approaching fast and then we do some bigger productions and things after that.”

As yet no details of when and where the gigs are going to be, but stay tuned for the latest info!



It’s 3pm on a sunny Monday afternoon and we’re sat in Paul McCartney’s countryside studio, listening to the most successful musician in the entire world (a quantifiable fact) make cow puns. In an almost comically-in-character turn up for the books, the famed animal rights campaigner just been told that his petition to help save a pregnant cow unfairly earmarked for death row has been successful. Visibly chuffed, Paul spends the next few moments riffing on potential headlines: “Love Me Moo?”

If these particular scenes are about as surreal as they come, then that’s just what it’s like spending time in the company of a bona fide legend. The bookshelves that stand near him hold the same texts as thousands all over the world – a hefty copy of The Beatles’ Anthology; a Linda McCartney recipe book – except in this house… well, it’s a bit different isn’t it. And as the endlessly charming 75-year-old flits between apologising for the 3D-printed version of his own face that also sits on the shelf (“It’s a bit strange having this in here…”), excitably showing us around his studio (yes, we did lose our minds a little), and throwing out anecdotes about his tenure in the greatest band of all time, you can’t help but feel that everything here comes imbued with an extra dash of magic, just by association.

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[bloggers note – interview includes links to audio to new single.]

Paul McCartney’s New Album to be Released on September 7th


Paul invites you on a musical journey to Egypt Station, estimated time of arrival Friday 7th September 7, 2018 by way of Capitol Records.

Sharing a title with one of Paul’s own paintings, Egypt Station is the first full album of all-new McCartney music since 2013’s international chart-topping NEW. Preceded by two of its tracks just released as double A-sides – plaintive ballad ‘I Don’t Know’ and raucous stomper ‘Come On To Me’ – Egypt Station was recorded between Los Angeles, London and Sussex, and produced (with the exception of one Ryan Tedder track) by Greg Kurstin (Adele, Beck, Foo Fighters).

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Following a whirlwind week that saw his Instagram presence rebooted as he played one of the most intimate gigs of his storied career, Paul McCartney is done keeping the world in suspense: ‘I Don’t Know’ and ‘Come On To Me’, will be released today as a double A-Side single.

The first tastes of Paul’s brand new studio album due out later this year on Capitol Records, the two A-sides are polar opposites: ‘I Don’t Know’ being a plaintive, soul-soothing ballad as only Paul can deliver, and ‘Come On To Me’ a raucous stomper that fans that first spark of chemistry into a rocking blaze.

Worldwide speculation about a new Paul McCartney album instantly reached fever pitch as his Instagram account whited out last week—only to ratchet higher as Paul was spotted taking selfies at landmarks in Liverpool the same day. The evening’s climactic event was a surprise gig at the tiny Liverpool Philharmonic Pub, during which ‘Come On To Me’ made its live debut alongside a set of classics spanning Paul’s career.

Paul’s new album is slated for fall 2018 release on Capitol Records. Further details will be announced shortly.


Happy Birthday Paul McCartney

Happy Birthday Paul McCartney – 76 Years old today! I wonder whether we are going to get any special announcement about a tour and an album today – Paul’s been leading up to it for a while, with all the cryptic photos posted on his social media.

Anyway, to celebrate, here are a few photos I’ve taken of Paul over the years.

Paul McCartney outside AIR Studios 1982

Paul McCartney with Richard Porter, Abbey Road Studios 1997

Places I’ll Remember: A Guide To The Must-See Sights In The Beatles’ Liverpool

Even as recently as the 80s, visitors to Liverpool could have been forgiven for not realising they were in the birthplace of The Beatles. Things changed when, in 1984, a dedicated museum to the group – Beatle City – opened on Seel Street, in the city centre. That museum boasted the greatest collection of Beatles memorabilia ever brought together – the prize exhibit was the original Magical Mystery Tour bus, restored to its psychedelic glory, which offered tours of the former Fabs’ family homes, and various other places of interest in and around the city. But that museum was plagued by financial difficulties and so closed its doors for the last time after less than two years.

What Beatle City had demonstrated, however, was that there was an appetite for Beatles tourism – a fact not lost on the people behind the then-burgeoning Cavern City Tours enterprise, who have been behind most major Beatle-related projects in the city for 35 years. Today, some 800,000 people a year are reported to visit sites such as the historic Cavern Quarter, home to an increasing number of Beatle-themed hang-outs. The Beatles’ legacy is reported to be worth over £80 million to Liverpool’s economy, and is said to support more than 2,300 jobs.

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