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Remembering Linda McCartney…

It is 20 years ago today that Linda McCartney passed away. I remember that day very well. I had met Linda on quite a few occasions over the years, and always found her to be very nice. She was certainly the love of Paul’s life, and a very devoted mother.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995, and pretty much disappeared from public life to fight this horrible disease. In 1997, she appeared with Paul at the premiere of ‘Standing Stone’ at the Albert Hall. Although she had a very different hair style, she looked healthy, and it was wonderful to see her again.

She was making public appearances up until a couple of weeks before her passing, one of the last at Stella’s fashion show in Paris.

The news of Linda’s passing didn’t break in the UK until the early hours of April 18th. I was running the London Beatles Fanclub at the time, as was rung up by CNN for a comment. I didn’t know what to say, as it was such a shock. I thought Linda was winning her battle. My wife, Esther, was going through her own battle with breast cancer at the time, and I suppose we both thought that if Linda couldn’t beat it, what chance did we have? Esther passed away in December 2000.

I was asked to go on BBC breakfast that morning, and looking back at the video later, I looked like a rabbit in the headlights.

Linda got so much flack for being in Wings, but without her great backing vocals with Denny, Wings would have been a much inferior group. She started out a very much a novice on keyboards, but later really held her own.

Much more than anything though, she fought for what she believed in as a veggie and and for animal rights. She was a brilliant photographer too.  And of course, she was a wonderful wife and mother.

RIP Linda, missing you…

Paul and Linda outside MPL 1983 photo by Richard Porter


Ed Sheeran to Star in Film about the Beatles

When scriptwriter Richard Curtis started thinking about which star he’d like to appear in a film about The Beatles, the answer must have been blindingly obvious – All You Need Is Ed.

And now the chart-topping singer Ed Sheeran is set to land a leading role in Curtis’s new production about the Fab Four’s music.

Ed, 27, is in talks to appear in the new comedy – tentatively titled All You Need Is Love – about a man who wakes up one day to find he is the only person who can remember the songs of The Beatles.

It is understood that he will appear on screen and write new music for the film, which will also include Beatles hits.

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‘Beatles Quarter masterplan’ proposed by Liverpool City Council

A “masterplan” to boost Liverpool’s “Beatles Quarter” is to be created.

Liverpool City Council is proposing a regeneration area around Mathew Street, where the Cavern Club – which hosted the band’s early shows – once stood.

The aim was to bring an “enhanced and more co-ordinated Beatles tourism offer” to the area, the council said.

City Mayor Joe Anderson said there was a need to improve the area’s 24-hour appeal as the current offer was “not at the level it could and should be”.

The plans could involve the redevelopment of derelict and under-used buildings and the creation of a “more defined and useable public open space”.


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Abbey Road Studios Exhibition to Open at the Barbican in London

Opening at the Barbican Centre on April 9th – #InsideAbbeyRoad is a unique and personal insight into the long and decorated history of the studios and the artists working within it, as told through the lens of one of the world’s most prolific and well-loved rock photographers.

Featuring candid shots of Pink Floyd recording ‘Wish You Were Here’, and intimate portraits of some of the most renowned musical legends to frequent the studios, the exhibition will be free to attend and showcases Jill’s finest music photography alongside some rare musical artifacts and images from Abbey Road’s 86-year history.

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New Trailer for the Re-Release of Yellow Submarine

All aboard! Here’s the trailer for The Beatles Yellow Submarine, surfacing in cinemas across the UK and Ireland on 8 July – in celebration of its 50th anniversary.

Brimming with peace, love and hope, and propelled by glorious surround sound, share the Yellow Submarine experience with your fellow fans and initiate those not in the know. This stunning restoration, back on the big screen, is a rare opportunity to fully submerge yourself in The Beatles’ timeless music and visual delights.

Tickets are on sale from 17 April. For more info, visit

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Pete Best interview: ‘Let’s have it out – just me, Paul McCartney and a bottle of Scotch’

As he stars in a new play about The Beatles, sacked drummer Pete Best tells James Hall there is still unfinished business between him and Paul McCartney

Pete Best leads me into a cupboard under the stairs of his family’s former home in the West Derby suburb of Liverpool. We descend a narrow staircase and arrive at a warren of dark vaults. Beatles posters cover the walls. In one corner, the word “John” is crudely carved into the wooden panelling. A stretch of ceiling is painted in multicoloured strips, the handiwork of a teenage Paul McCartney.

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