Monthly Archives: January 2018

New Issue of British Beatles Fanclub Magazine Now Available

Issue 64 (now there is a Beatley number for you!) of the excellent British Beatles Fanclub magazine is now available.

It includes:

  • Editorial
  • The Beatles A Day In The Life
  • Media Watch
  • Coming Up-Forthcoming Events
  • On the Bus with The Beatles
  • The Beatles NOT For Sale
  • Magical Mystery Tour…50 years on
  • The Decca Auditions; Part 1
  • The Beatles and their cars
  • Paperback Writers
  • Beatles Boots
  • Try Some, Buy Some-New Releases
  • Harry Nilsson and The Beatles
  • Crap Photo of the Month

To order the new issue, and for more info on the club, go to

Yoko Congratulates Ringo on his Knighthood

Yoko One has publicly congratulated Ringo Starr on his Knighthood. On her Facebook page she wrote:

“Dear Sir Ringo
I am very happy that you have received this honour from the Queen. It’s about time! Huge congratulations! I am delighted for you and your family. It is an honour for everyone in The Beatles family and I love you very much.
love, hugs and kisses,
yoko x”

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my readers! Thanks for your support during 2017 – I hope you’ll keep coming back in 2018! There will be lots to look forward to this year, like Ringo going to Buckingham Palace to get his knighthood! Also look out for a special 50th anniversary release of the ‘White Album’ in November.

On a more personal note, my London Beatles Walks will continue throughout the year, and I hope to bring you some news about some new tours I will be doing very soon! Keep on looking on for updates!

Have a great year everyone, and check back here soon :>)