When John met Paul – It Was 60 Years Ago Today!

So, on July 6th 1957 Ivan Vaughan had the foresight to take his friend Paul McCartney along to St Peter’s Church Fete to see his friend, John Lennon, play with his band the Quarrymen. ‘Ivy’ introduced Paul to John in St Peter’s Church Hall, where Paul McCartney showed off his musical talent, and was later asked to join the band. They start writing songs together, and got pretty good at it.

Paul bought his friend, George Harrison into the band, and they changed their name to the Beatles. Then Ringo came into the band and the Beatles music spread worldwide.

Two people touched by the music, was Richard Porter (me :>) who was moved to start a Beatles Fan Club in London. Around the same time Irina Dyomkina was equally moved in Moscow, USSR, to start a Beatles Fan club there. Irina and Richard met in 1990 and married in 2004. Their daughter, Lilia, was born in 2007.

So today we raise a glass to Ivan Vaughan, without whom…..

The Quarrymen, July 6th 1957
Ivan Vaughan
Richard, Irina and Lilia Porter

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