22nd May 1968 – the Beatles Launch Apple Tailoring

May 22nd 1968 – John,Yoko, George and Pattie attend press launch of Apple Tailoring (Civil and Theatrical), 161 Kings Road, Chelsea. Before going to the new shop, they attend a party at Club Dell’Aretusa, at 107 Kings Road. John and Yoko had only been together a few days, and it was the first time they’d been seen in public together. Many of the press shouted out to John ‘Where’s your wife?’

Apple Tailoring was run by John Crittle, who is the father of former prima ballerina and Strictly Come Dancing Judge, Darcey Bussell.

Ironically, the jacket that George wore to the event came from Granny Takes a Trip, another fashionable Kings Road clothes shop!

Before becoming Apple Tailoring, the shop was called Dandie Fashions, and was co-owned by Guiness Heir Tara Browne. Tara tragically died in a car accident, which was written about in song by his friend John Lennon ‘He Blew his mind out in a car’

The building is now occupied by ‘Proud Chelsea’ photo gallery. We will be going past Apple Tailoring on our special Beatles tour on a 60s Routemaster Bus on June 4th. Full details at https://04june_bustour_beatles4ever.eventbrite.co.uk

John Lennon outside Apple Tailoring
George and Pattie Harrison at the party to launch Apple Tailoring
John at Apple Tailoring, with Yoko very much in the background

19th May 1967 – the Launch Party of Sgt Pepper at Brian Epstein’s House

On May 19th 1967, the Beatles gathered at Brian Epstein’s house in Chapel Street, Belgravia, for the launch party of their new album, ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’. Among the invited guests were all the top music journalists and DJs – including Kenny Everett, who told me about the party in my exclusive interview with him:

  • I believe you met Brian Epstein a few times?

Oh yes, I knew Brian before he was famous. He used to own a couple of shops in Liverpool, one called NEMS and one called Epstein’s. I used to work in an advertising agency and i used to take copy to him to approve. Then he suddenly discovered these four wandering geniuses and said ‘Hey, let’s get famous!’ and the next thing I know is this person I’d been taking advertising copy to was riding around in a 10 mile long car. It was so funny how it came together because after knowing him in the advertising world there I was 15 years later, standing in his house in Chapel Street with the Beatles all dressed in bows and beads at the Sergeant Pepper launch. It was a fabulous party, every single person in the universe was there. I remember them standing up against the fireplace, bonkers, they couldn’t string two words together.

  • Yes, I’d heard John was a little bit…

…A little bit ! He was on Mars! Those were the days, if you took a little something it was fun. then a lot of people went too far and started throwing themselves off buildings so all the fun has been taken out of it.

Also among the guests was American photographer, Linda Eastman. She was already a well known figure on the New York rock scene, and was in the UK to shoot rock stars for a book she was working on. She had met Paul McCartney a few nights earlier at the Bag O Nails nightclub, and met again here. They married 2 years later…..

Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman at the Launch of Sgt Pepper
The Beatles holding the Sgt Pepper cover at its launch
The Beatles at the door of 24 Chapel Street

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‘A Splendid time is guaranteed for all’ (Toronto Globe and Mail)

‘One person who has been something of a flag waver for the Beatles London has been Richard Porter: whose passion and knowledge of the group are apparent from the moment you meet him. Richard opens up each building’s Beatles connection and history with vivid detail and anecdotal information. Without doubt, he is the authority concerning the group’s movements within the capital during the 1960s.’ – Beatles Monthly magazine.



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Paul and Linda McCartney at MPL

As it is the 50th anniversary today of Paul McCartney first meeting  Linda Eastman at the Bag O Nails club in London, I thought I would share this photo I took of Paul and Linda outside MPL in June 1983. They were a great couple, and Linda was very much the love of Paul’s life.

Paul and Linda McCartney, MPL, 1983

May 15th 1967 – Paul McCartney meets Linda Eastman

May 15th 1967 – Paul McCartney meets Linda Eastman at the Bag O Nails Club in Kingly Street, Soho, London.

In an extract from my book Guide to the Beatles London Bill Harry, who was with in the club that night, tells how it happened:

“I was down at the Bag O’ Nails, which was one of our favourite clubs. Paul and John used to go there. I’d meet John and Yoko up at the Speakeasy club, which is in Margaret Street, not far away. John used to give us a lift to the Bag O’Nails. We used to sit in the back of the car with John and Yoko, and Yoko never said a word, never spoke.

“It was Paul who went to the Bag more regularly. I remember one night, Virginia and I were sitting at the table, and Paul was at the next table to us. We were chatting a while, and then Chas Chandler came up with Linda Eastman and introduced Paul to her. We were listening to Georgie Fame performing. Then, Chas Chandler, Paul and Linda left and went to Speakeasy – we went between the two clubs in those days.”

A few days later, Linda was invited by Brian Epstein to the launch party of Sgt Pepper at his home in Chapel Street, where Paul and Linda were photographed together for the first time.

They married on March 12th 1969.

The plaque to the meeing of Paul and Linda