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Over the year as a Beatles fan, I have collected lots of Beatles memorabilia. This is probably my favourite item.
My friend Marilyn Demmen used to go around to the Beatles homes on many weekends in the late 60s. She got to know them quite well, and got their autographs many times. One day she was outside John and Cynthia’s house, Kenwood, at St George’s Hill, Weybridge, when John came out and invited the fans into his kitchen! This might seem amazing now, but was quite a common thing for John to do.  When inside, Marilyn saw that John had a bookshelf full of his own books, as he did in ‘Help!’. She laughed about it – so John got one off the shelf, signed it, and gave it to her. That’s the one I’ve got now :>)
As Paul wrote the foreword, I got him to sign it outside Abbey Road Studios in the mid 90s.

Blogger Richard Porter is a full time Beatles tour guide in London. For more info on his tours, see

The autographs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney in a copy of John’s book ‘In His Own Write’

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