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John Lennon’s Original ‘Butcher’ Cover to be Sold

John Lennon’s personal copy of a Beatles album with hand-drawn sketches dubbed the world’s rarest album is set to fetch more than $200,000 as it goes up for auction.

The rare pre-production Yesterday and Today album with the infamous butcher cover will go up for auction on November 11 in Dallas, Texas.

It was John Lennon’s personal copy and sports one of his illustrations on the back of a man with his shovel and a dog in front of a setting sun.

The Yesterday and Today prototype was pulled two days after its release because of the controversial cover artwork and all were destroyed apart from a few – including this one owned by Lennon himself – before a tamer version was hurriedly re-released.

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John Lennon Postcard to be Auctioned

Months before John Lennon told The Beatles he wanted out, he was so focused on Yoko Ono … he hand wrote a Christmas card to her ex-husband, which is now available for wealthy collectors.

Lennon penned the card to music producer Tony Cox in December 1968. Cox and Ono were married from 1962-69 … so they weren’t officially divorced yet when Lennon wrote to him.

The card ain’t exactly full of holiday cheer, instead it’s all about Yoko moving out — “We took most of the stuff I think – we’re gradually going through it.” For more see

Was the word ‘Beatlemania’ coined in Gloucestershire?

It was more than 50 years ago but the gigs The Beatles played in Gloucestershire are committed to many memories of gig-goers at the time – but where did the term Beatlemania come from?

It’s been claimed that the word used to describe the hysteria which followed the Fab Four everywhere they went was invented in Gloucestershire, after a gig in Cheltenham.

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Paul McCartney and his band support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, an annual global campaign to increase awareness of the disease.  Paul McCartney’s ‘One On One’ world tour has taken him to Brazil this month and in support of the campaign Paul and his band have been wearing pink wristbands on stage at his sold-out stadium shows.  By wearing pink wristbands Paul and his band are helping to convey an important public health message to his audiences.   The mission of the campaign is to help all effected by breast cancer through education, early detection, treatment and support services.

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How Brian Epstein made the Sixties swing

There never was a time like it for these boys. Just look at the joy in their smiles. So young and fresh-faced in their inexpensive suits and ties, sensible, unshowy haircuts and polished black shoes.

At a glance you might think they are a works football squad, celebrating, along with their young coach from accounts, a lucky away win in an amateur cup first round with a ‘jump for joy’ photo-shoot.

But look more closely and those four young men on the left may seem rather familiar. As well they might, because they are John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison and Paul McCartney.

What they are celebrating — along with their friends Gerry and the Pacemakers and Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas — isn’t goals, but No. 1 records in the pop charts.

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New Paul McCartney Release for Record Store Day

The organizers behind the annual Record Store Day event have revealed this year’s exhaustive list of vinyl exclusives set for release on Black Friday 2017 (Nov. 24).

Among this year’s releases includes a pair of 7-inch singles from Paul McCartney. One is on red vinyl, the other is on green vinyl, both feature a new version of his classic “Wonderful Christmastime” featuring the Roots. The green vinyl B-side is The Decemberists’ rendition of “Jesus Christ” and the red vinyl is backed by a live Norah Jones performance of “Peace.”

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Ringo Unveils a New Portfolio of His Beatles Photos

The PHOTOGRAPH Portfolio 2017 for Genesis Publications showcases Ringo’s camera work in a series of museum-quality prints, reproduced from the negative for the first time. Created in small artist editions of only 25 numbered copies, each print is signed by Ringo Starr. A certificate of authenticity accompanies the final framed artwork.

New for 2017, Ringo Starr is unveiling rare additions to his PHOTOGRAPH Portfolio. Ringo shows us George during a visit to Miami; Paul in Paris; John and Paul singing in Abbey Road Studios. Stunning landscape pictures, shot during Ringo’s travels across the world, join these insightful portraits. 50 years ago, Ringo shot on both black-and-white and vibrant colour films, and experimented with psychedelic prism lens effects.

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Tom Petty Laid to Rest

The funeral of Tom Petty took place yesterday at Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades, California. Many of the reports say that this is also where the funeral of George Harrison took place, but this wasn’t made public at the time.

The Self-Realization Fellowship was founded in 1920 by Paramahansa Yogananda, who was one of George Harrison’s early gurus, and appears on the Sgt Pepper Album cover. His book, Autobiography of a Yogi, was one of George’s favourites, and he gave to many of his friends for inspiration.

A fitting place for Tom Petty’s funeral. RIP