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Paul and Linda McCartney at MPL

As it is the 50th anniversary today of Paul McCartney first meeting  Linda Eastman at the Bag O Nails club in London, I thought I would share this photo I took of Paul and Linda outside MPL in June 1983. They were a great couple, and Linda was very much the love of Paul’s life.

Paul and Linda McCartney, MPL, 1983

May 6th 2013 – The Quarrymen (With Special Guest!) Play in London

On May 6th 2013, John Lennon’s Original Quarrymen played at the St James’s Theatre in London. During the show a very special guest joined them onstage. No, not Paul McCartney – just your blogger, Richard Porter! Rod Davis asked if anyone could play washboard or tea chest bass, so I played the washboard, and Peter Nash of the British Beatles Fanclub played bass. We played ‘Puttin’ on the Style’, the old Lonnie Donegan song that the Quarrymen had also played at St Peter’s Church Fete in Woolton, Liverpool, the day that John Lennon met Paul McCartney for the first time.

It was a great honour being onstage with the Quarrymen, who are great guys. I’ve got no musical talent whatsoever, so it was really brave asking me up with them!

The Quarrymen, with Richard Porter on washboard!

26th April 1982 – Paul McCartney Releases ‘Tug of War’

It was 35 years ago today – the release of Paul McCartney’s ‘Tug of War’ Album. I bought it on the day at Virgin in Oxford Street. On coming out I saw a blue Mercedes car passing me – and realised it was Paul’s car! He was on the way to nearby AIR Studios. Luckily there was a lot of traffic that day and I ran like hell and managed to get to AIR before Paul. On seeing me he said ‘Training for the Olympics are we!’ We had a short chat and he signed my album.
Great memories.

My Tug of War album, signed by Paul McCartney on the day of its release.

Happy Birthday Ken Scott!

Happy 70th Birthday today (20th April) to Ken Scott. Ken was an engineer on many Beatles records, and later worked with David Bowie, Supertramp, Pink Floyd and Elton John.

I met Ken a couple of times inside Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios (a good place to meet anyone!) and he is a very nice man.

Hope you have a good day, Ken!

Ken Scott with Blogger Richard Porter, Studio 2, Abbey Road Studios

From My Collection….

Over the year as a Beatles fan, I have collected lots of Beatles memorabilia. This is probably my favourite item.
My friend Marilyn Demmen used to go around to the Beatles homes on many weekends in the late 60s. She got to know them quite well, and got their autographs many times. One day she was outside John and Cynthia’s house, Kenwood, at St George’s Hill, Weybridge, when John came out and invited the fans into his kitchen! This might seem amazing now, but was quite a common thing for John to do.  When inside, Marilyn saw that John had a bookshelf full of his own books, as he did in ‘Help!’. She laughed about it – so John got one off the shelf, signed it, and gave it to her. That’s the one I’ve got now :>)
As Paul wrote the foreword, I got him to sign it outside Abbey Road Studios in the mid 90s.

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The autographs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney in a copy of John’s book ‘In His Own Write’

Happy Birthday George Harrison!

Happy Birthday George Harrison!


Here are some photos I took of George over the years …

George and Olivia arriving at the Premiere of How to Get Ahead in Advertising. London 1988.
George and Olivia Harrison at the Premiere of How to Get Ahead in Advertising.
George at a Ravi Shankar concert at the Barbican Centre, London

Inside an Abbey Road Studios Recording Session

A few years ago,  I spent an incredible afternoon INSIDE Studio 2 at Abbey Road, watching the great Brazilian band ‘All You Need is Love’ record loads of Beatles songs.

I did a day tour for them the day before, and they kindly invited me to their recording session.

I was with them for three hours, and in that time they recorded 10 songs! And I thought the Beatles worked hard for the Please Please Please LP! Nearly every song was done in 3 takes or less.

They let me take photos – and I’m going to post some here.

The band are still going, but are now called ‘Hey Jude’

Blogger Richard Porter is a full time London Beatles tour guide. For more info on his tours, see

Brazilian band 'All You Need is Love' recording inside Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios
Brazilian band ‘All You Need is Love’ recording inside Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios – picture taken through the window of the control room.
Inside Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios
Inside Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios
Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios. The Hammond organ was used on Beatles records
Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios. The Hammond organ was used on Beatles records

An Abbey Road Reunion

September 26th 1994 was the 25th anniversary of the release of the Abbey Road Album, and to celebrate, Abbey Road Studios invited all the producers and engineers that worked on the album to attend a gathering in Studio to celebrate. Also, all day there were TV and radio broadcasts from inside Abbey Road too.

As I had organised the 25th anniversary crossing of Abbey Road, I was invited by Martin Benge, then the managing director of the Studios, to spent the day inside the Studios, and meet all these incredible people. Here are some of my pics from that day:

This first pic is a gathering of all the producers and engineers. From left to right, Geoff Emerick, Phil McDonald, Eddie Klein, Ken Townsend, Jeff Jarratt, and George Martin.

An Abbey Road Reunion
An Abbey Road Reunion

And here is Sir George Martin – love his smile :>)