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April 18th 1963 – Twist and Shout at the Royal Albert Hall!

April 18th 1963. Yet another busy day for the Beatles. During the day, they do a photo session with Fiona Adams. One of the pics is selected as the cover of the Twist and Shout EP.

In the evening, they make their first appearance at the Royal Albert Hall, where they are part of the ‘Swinging Sound 63’ show, broadcast by BBC Radio.

Amongst the audience is Jane Asher, who is doing a photo shoot for ‘Radio Times’ magazine. She is asked to react to the many acts onstage. In the magazine, she is seen screaming at the Beatles. She meets them backstage, and gets on very well with Paul McCartney, and they start dating.

Also in the audience are the Rolling Stones. The Beatles had met the Stones a few days before at the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond, and asked the Stones along as their guests. After the show, Brian Jones helped the Bealtes’ roadies load the van with the Beatles instruments etc. Brian has long hair, and is mistaken for a Beatle by fans. He has to be dragged away from the screaming girls. However, as he is being led away, he has a big smile on his face, and is heard to mutter, ‘I want more of this!’

The Twist and Shout EP
Jane Asher screaming at the Beatles at the Royal Albert Hall

The Beatles’ Liverpool and London Featured on TF1 France

A feature on Beatles places and people was shown today on TF1 in France. It includes an interview with your blogger, Richard Porter and wife Irina, and shows a selection of our Beatles memorabilia. It also shows me on my London Beatles Walk at Abbey Road Studios.

For more on my London Beatles Walks, see

Memorabilia Day: event coming to London

Following on from the success of the Liverpool memorabilia call out day in October 2016, The Beatles Story and Julien’s Auctions will be teaming up once again to bring ‘Memorabilia Day’ to London’s Hard Rock Cafe on Monday 5th June 2017. This special event will give members of the public, fans and collectors the opportunity to have their Beatles and Mersey Beat memorabilia appraised for free by the experts. – See more at:

Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane Single for International Record Store Day

For Record Store Day 2017, an exclusive, limited edition 7″ single of The Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Penny Lane”, among the first songs recorded during the Sgt. Pepper sessions, which begin in November 1966. Rather than being held for inclusion on the album, the two songs were released as a double A-sided single in February 1967. Amidst intense media speculation about the band’s next move, the single bridged what was then considered a long gap between the Revolver album, released in August 1966, and Sgt. Pepper, which followed ten months later.

The single will be released on 22nd April – in a limited edition of just 7000 copies! Grab one if you can!

The picture sleeve for Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane

April 14th – A Busy Day for the Beatles

April 14th was a busy day for the Beatles over the years. Here are some of the highlights:


the Beatles film an appearance on Thank Your Lucky Stars at Teddington Studios. They are met at the studios by Rolling Stones manager, Giorgio Gomelsky. who took them to nearby Richmond to see the Rolling Stones perform at the Crawdaddy Club. The Beatles later go back for a party to the Rolling Stones flat in Edith Grove. Mick Jagger remembers this when we inducted the Beatles into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


The Beatles are in Ailsa Avenue, Twickenham, to film a scene for their second film, Help! The street is located near to Twickenham Film Studios, where the bulk of the film was made. Ringo Starr entered number five, John Lennon went into number seven, Paul McCartney number nine and George Harrison number 11.

Word went out rapidly that the Beatles were filming in the street, and and large group of fans quickly gathered to watch their heroes in action.

A number of other street scenes were also filmed on this day at Ailsa Avenue. The interior scenes in the houses, which turned out to be an extensive living area, were filmed at Twickenham Film Studios.


The Beatles record ‘Paperback Writer’ and ‘Rain’ in Studio 2 at EMI at Abbey Road.


John Lennon and Paul McCartney record The Ballad of John and Yoko at EMI Studios, Abbey Road.

John plays lead guitar and Paul drums, as George and Ringo were both unavailable.

The Ballad of John and Yoko was the Beatles final number one single in the UK


13th April 1965 The Beatles Record ‘Help!’

On April 13th 1965, the Beatles recorded ‘Help!’ in Studio 2 at EMI Studios, Abbey Road. As with their first film ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, The title of the film was chosen first, and the Beatles had to come up with a song with that title. The task could have been more difficult, if the original title ‘Eight Arms to Hold You’ hadn’t been rejected!

‘Help!’ was almost entirely written by John, who meant it as a cry for help, but at the time, it was just seen as another song. It was recorded in a four hour evening session, ending at 11pm. The Beatles resumed filming ‘Help!’ early next morning!

12th April 1967 – Paul McCartney Creates the Concept of ‘Magical Mystery Tour’

During the flight back to London with Mal Evans, following their week-long holiday in San Francisco, Denver and Los Angeles, Paul McCartney worked up his initial concept for the Magical Mystery Tour soundtrack and television special.

With the impending release of the album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, McCartney had moved on to the ‘next big thing’ — a Trippy TV show. Paul sketched out this ‘map’ of how the show might go, with the basics for such critical elements like ‘Yellow Coach’, ‘Lunch’, a ‘Busty Hostess’, a ‘Laboratory’ scene {better living thru chemistry}, lots of ‘Dream’ sequences as well as the mandatory ‘Stripper and Band’.

Paul McCartney diagram, showing his concept of Magical Mystery Tour